Katie On 3D-Lipo in Halifax

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New year, new you? Sound Familiar? Fear not, as we’ve got the answer for 2020 with nothing other than 3D Lipo.

At Saks Beauty Halifax, we’ve been helping our customers get into shape using our 3D Lipo treatment machine for ages now, so what better time to spread the word than at the start of a new decade no less.

What does it do, we hear you ask? Get this. Not only does it destroy fat cells and reduce unwanted inches, but it tightens skin and improves the appearance of cellulite too. Wowzers!

How does it work? Simple… you receive a course of treatments over 8 – 12 weeks to achieve clinically proven results.

Every customer is given a personalised treatment plan, depending on your areas of concern. The 3D Lipo machine is so amazing, it can carry out 5 different types of treatments. Want to know how? Read on…


Cavitation is a process using ultrasound waves. A treatment head is massaged over your area of concern whilst the ultrasound waves cause your fat cells to fill with air. Once they’re full, they burst, which makes your body no longer able to recognise them, so they’re filtered out through your body’s natural waste, completely un-noticed. Clever huh.


This helps to melt fat and improve cellulite, whilst tightening the skin. All at a clever temperature between 39-41 degrees.

This works by triggering the body’s inflammatory system, causing it to go into self-repair on the surface of the skin, as well as in the deeper layers, called the epidermis. Your body recognises a breakdown of collagen and elastin, which prompts it to repair itself, helping your body to naturally produce more collagen and in-turn, tighten the skin. So, it’s basically re-training the skin and tissues, as skin has a memory.

Lastly, radio frequency waves travel into the dermis of the skin, where cellulite is held, and heat is created, causes fat cells to melt and reduce back to normal size.


A vacuum suction is used to move waste products in the body to the nearest lymph nodes, for more efficient drainage from your system. This helps to lift and move tissue as well as increase circulation and removing excess water.


Fat freezing is a one-off treatment used to treat pockets of fat that protrude from the body – mostly found on tummies, inner things and arms. It can reduce an area by between 20-40% in just one treatment. But how? Freezer plates chill the fat cells down to between -1 and -3, so fat cells freeze and are no longer recognised by the body, so they’re destroyed. And best of all, because such a large amount of fat cells are treated in just one session, you can see results from 8 weeks (but can take up to 6 months to see final results).

Check out the results:


Salon owner and member of Saks’ Beauty Squad, Katie, says “3D Lipo really is an amazing treatment. We’ve seen fabulous results on our customers, with many returning to treat different areas of the body, and recommending their friends too”.

Did you know? 3D Lipo works best alongside an active lifestyle and healthy diet, so make sure you’re on it. Plus you’ll need to drink 2 litres of water each day, to help the removal of fat cells during treatments.


Want to book a free consultation with one of our 3D Lipo experts? Just call 01422 385125 or pop into the salon on Albion Street to book.

And don’t forget, regular top ups are the best way to maintain results, as well as using our recommended aftercare products.

New year – new you. For sure!

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