The Lowdown On Contouring

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Proven, non-invasive skin tightening and contouring options on the menu at Saks Beauty if you want help to firm up and improve the appearance of skin. Our clinical-level offering is also an alternative for anyone thinking of undergoing liposuction surgery.

In conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices, body contouring treatments can improve the appearance of cellulite and loose or sagging skin and gives an overall smoother appearance. This can also be useful after major weight loss and surgery when skin and tissues may lose elasticity.

Likewise, we also achieve visible results with skin tightening treatments for the face, firming jowls and rejuvenating the skin as it loses elasticity later on in life.


Our therapists work with leading systems from 3D-lipo and Venus Versa. After rigorous selection processes we chose these two systems as they are from reputable providers which offer safe, pain-free treatment options which yield visible results. In a nutshell…

3D-lipo combines ultrasound technology for fat reduction, radio frequency for skin tightening and vacuum rollering to reduce cellulite and improve overall skin tone.

Venus Concept utilises radio frequency technology to activate lipolysis, increase circulation, and stimulate lymphatic drainage for smoother and tighter skin.

Venus Concept at Saks Beauty Gosforth

Venus technology at Saks Beauty Gosforth


Michelle Shergill, salon owner at Saks West Bridgford, says “As a new mum, I experienced post-baby tum and bum. While getting to grips with my new life I struggled to fit in workouts, running my salon and raising my beautiful baby. To help me along I booked in for a course of 3D-Lipo treatments to target the areas I wanted to firm up. It made a difference and made me feel better that I was able to help myself here. I’m still figuring out the new life by the way!”


Kathryn Breen of Saks Beauty Gosforth says: “In the past, surgical procedures or injectables have been the extreme solutions for skin tightening. But these no-knife, no-needle treatments change that. As a non-surgical radio frequency treatment, Venus Versa works on rejuvenating the appearance of skin by gently heating the tissue under the skin’s surface. This triggers the natural production of collagen and elastin, which as we know are the key building blocks of healthy skin.

“The result is tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin. The treatment sensation is a gentle, warming massage around your face or body concentrating on the area you want to target. Relaxing and pain-free treatment with no downtime and real results.”

Skin tightening and body contouring results at Saks

Face and body results at Gosforth and West Bridgford


A firm stance here from Kathryn: “There’s little point in undergoing a treatment plan unless you’re also assessing your health and lifestyle choices. You’ll achieve far better results for the longer term if you’re rocking a healthy diet, regular exercise and watching what you drink. Increase your water intake obviously and limit your alcoholic level. Excessive drinking can severely damage your liver function by causing fat build-up and inflammation.

Debbie at Saks Beauty Guisborough thoroughly agrees: “While our 3D LIPO procedures use different technology to contour the body they are all technically considered ‘no downtime’ treatments. Even so, we encourage our clients to  maximise and maintain results. The number one piece of post-treatment advice we give is stay hydrated during and after the treatment.”


For those seeking a luxuriant facial to lift the appearance of cheekbones and eyelids and give definition to the face we love Decleor’s Plump and Lift Facial (previously Facial Lift Yoga). Here we combine the repetitive flows and rhythms of Kobido massage with Iris and Lavandula essential oils for smoothed, firmed and luminous skin. We take inspiration from Vinyasa Flow Yoga to give a visibly lifted appearance and totally uplifted spirit too!

Facial prep at Saks Beauty Guisborough

Facial bliss incoming at Saks Guisborough


On exercise and diet Debbie continues: “Do something you love and you’ll want to do it more! My body and mind can’t get enough of Crossfit I absolutely love it. Opt for a well-balanced diet that consists of lean protein, unprocessed carbs and anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies oh and did I mention water? We don’t promote it as a quick fix but to accompany a healthy lifestyle and a great kick start to a new health regime. And if you’re not into exercise you should aim to get 10,000 steps in a day – a great way to maintain fitness and build core strength.”

Debbie, salon owner at Saks Beauty Gisborough

Healthy choices *galore* for Debs


Kathryn says: “Detoxification is key. Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants helps your body reduce damage caused by free radicals and may lower your risk of diseases. Examples of antioxidants include vitamin A, C and E. Feed your face – think ACE! My go-to antioxidant is green tea as it has some of the highest amounts of antioxidants and can help combat oxidative stress.”

Green tea

Always time for (green) tea at Saks


“I came to Saks to improve the look, feel and texture of my skin and to get my confidence back. My favourite treatment is the Venus Concept system. It’s non-invasive and simultaneously treats multiple concerns – for me it was to melt fat and tighten loose skin. The heat increases collagen to stimulate a natural healing response resulting in dramatic improvement with no pain or downtime. So quick I could have it done in my lunch break. The girls are lovely, knowledgeable, professional and honest. They put a package together for me so I would get the best possible results and I did.” Amanda in Newcastle


If this service is of interest to you, book a free consultation and we’ll go through the options and how it works.



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