We asked our Saks salons to raise funds for The Eve Appeal. We’re super-proud that, with the help of amazing customers, friends and families, we’ve raised over £220,000 so far. It’s our desire to make you look and feel better every day, that’s why it’s our big aim to show how much we care by supporting the only national charity dedicated to raising funds for gynaecological research. By the way, there are FIVE gynae cancers of the cervix, ovaries, vagina, vulva and womb.

We’re raising £250,000

The Eve Appeal’s cause resonates with all women, young and old. That’s mothers, daughters, sisters – all your girls. Less well publicised than breast cancer, gynaecological cancers kill 21 women a day in the UK and, along with The Eve Appeal, we’re determined to help change this.

Originally, we set a target of £100,000. We smashed past that and we now have our eyes on £250,000. We’re raising lots of awareness too, aiming to remove the taboo about these too little talked about cancers. As a result, we may pass on be life-saving knowledge to our customers, families and friends.

How fundraising for The Eve Appeal can make a difference

£10 – the cost for a blood sample collection kit that will help to develop one test to predict four female cancers

£15 –  pays for info on all five gynae cancers to be sent to 10 supporters so they can hold their own awareness raising events

£20 – for a collection kit for a cervical cell sample. This establishes whether it could be used to assess a woman’s risk of developing breast, ovarian, cervical and womb cancers.

£20 – for an hour of confidential up-to-date info and support from Eve’s gynae cancer nurse

£250 – the cost of a genetic test for BRCA1/2 and Lynch Syndrome because this can indicate an increased risk of developing breast, ovarian or womb cancers

£1000 – for a dedicated weekly clinic to provide advice and support for patients who are donating samples and have been diagnosed with cancer or are at high risk of developing cancer

£5000 – the cost of a set of micro beads that test for specific immune cells which play a vital role in the early development of cancer


Get in touch if you fancy joining #Saks4Eve.

The Eve Appeal is a registered charity Eng/Wales (1091708) Scot (SCO42612)

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