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Facials we love and things you can do at home to nurture your skin into summer with an oh-so healthy glow. Whatever you choose from the facials menus at your Saks Beauty salon – we have excellent luxuriant and clinical choices – our experts also love sharing tips to max skin health and wellbeing.

Speaking. Of. Wellbeing. The Pursuit Of The Good Vibe plays a huge part in everything our therapists do. As well as wanting you to feel like you’ve had a transformative facial experience and that you step out with great skin, we also want you to benefit from that feeling when you’ve had some quality me-time too.

Free skin check-in

Did you know that every Saks Beauty salon offers a complimentary consultation? Our experts’ll take a good look at your skin, get to know where you’re at and prescribe what we think will work just for you. Book in today.

On the menu

Sue at Saks Sedbury Hall starts the conversation: “There’s power packed into our luxurious facials. Excellent massage techniques and quality ingredients to aid relaxation and detoxification and nurture the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. We awaken the senses with Decléor and Elemis treatments that also address specific skin concerns. Hands-on, divine aromas, hot mits… all the elements for a real sensory experience to treat the face, mind and soul.”

Debbie at Saks Guisborough says: “If you’re serious about skincare we offer various clinical, non-surgical therapies across our salons. Examples being micro-needling, IPL skin rejuvenation and LED light therapy to tighten and regenerate muscle tone, encourage cell repair, improve skin texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Just check in with your salon to see what’s on their menu.”

Woman having Decleor Vitamin Glow facial

Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial at Saks Beauty Gosforth

Clinical Cleverness

Debbie continues: “Clinical facials are prescriptive – usually with a treatment plan – to address concerns and improve skin health. Fine lines and wrinkles can be softened, skin can be tightened, conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea can be improved, and general signs of ageing slowed down. With a combination of leading beauty systems, professional grade products and the hands of our expert therapists. Win-win for skin, I say!”

Skin Check-In campaign at Saks

Trending at Saks

Claire at Saks Kings Hill: “We’re seeing new customers coming in at a younger age with loads of knowledge and wanting advanced skincare earlier as preventative measures rather than reactionary. We love having in-depth conversations with customers who’re building knowledge about skin health!”

CACI at Saks

CACI at Saks Guisborough

At home we should be…

Sue says “…using hyaluronic acid to infuse the skin with moisture so skin has a healthy hydration. Today it’s a given that this ingredient should be in your regimen. To enhance product absorption use with a quality micro-needle roller at home between you salon treatments.”

Scrubbing up

Sue: “and exfoliate regularly, whatever your age, to counteract mature skin looking dull and younger skin being prone to blocked pores and breakouts. Go for a gentle exfoliating peel and a quality grainy scrub at home. Your therapist will give good advice here.”

CosMedix peel at Saks

And avoiding

Sue: “Products with sulphates and parabens, which can affect hormones, dry the skin and potentially cause irritation, especially to sensitive skin. Just check the label and stay clear.”

In tricky times

Claire says: “Stress can take its toll on your skin, causing sensitivity and breakouts. If you’re going through a tough patch make sure you reach out for help and try to asses your lifestyle to alleviate any additional pressure where you can. Make time for self care. Getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference to your day. Watches and trackers that monitor sleep patterns are useful and make you more aware of winding down before bedtime.”

Balmy nights

Debbie says: “Excellent advice from Claire as always! I’ll have mentioned this before but I love Decleor’s Neroli Night Balm (a good night’s sleep in a jar). Scoop a small amount, close your eyes and hold your hands in front of your nose and take three deep breaths of the aroma. Then gently pat the balm onto your face and neck. The balm infuses the skin overnight. Wake up with hydrated and revitalised skin.”

Great outdoors

Claire: “I spend lots of time walking and training dogs. There are many benefits of spending time outside. Can’t beat that glow and that feeling you get after exercise, at the beach, in the country or your fave park. The great outdoors can help to improve health and wellbeing, mentally and physically. I speak from the heart here.”

Claire Denyer and husband John with the dogs

Claire, hub John… smiles all round

Take precautions!

Claire says: “When outdoors take precautions! Stay hydrated and wear a broad spectrum sunscreen whatever the weather. Too much UV exposure can increase the risk of skin cancers and will cause premature ageing. Don’t think you don’t need protection on cloudy or windy days.

(Sings) Such a good feeling

Debbie says: “I love being active. The euphoric feeling after a workout – if you know, you know – improves my confidence, mood and sleep. I choose Crossfit, which combines functional fitness with cardio, weight training and gymnastics it challenges me and I LOVE IT!”

Dates with Saks

Set your face time dates with Saks early. Our therapists love you to get them in the calendar, so they can max their time with you and your skin. Book ahead at saks.co.uk or give your salon a buzz.


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