Holly and Reece at Saks Cheadle

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A BIG Saks salute for salon teammates Holly Edwards and Reece Longson who’ve partnered up to become co-owners of our salon in Cheadle.

To celebrate Saksession success (sorry), we caught up with our stylist-and-therapist-to-salon-owning-duo for insider info.

Both ten years in at Cheadle. How does it feel to now be co-owners?

Holly: Amazing. I feel so lucky to have Reece as my business partner!

Reece: It’s like a natural progression. I gradually built upon my responsibilities and skillset needed to run the salon with Holly.


How did you get into hair and beauty?

Reece: My mum was a hairdresser. Growing up, I spent a lot of time at the salon where she worked for 30 years. At 15 I was a Saturday assistant, then I got my Level 2, started at Saks Cheadle, and became a stylist under the mentorship of salon owner Danny and the rest of the team.

Saks Cheadle's Reece Longson and mum

Pass him the scissors

Holly: For as long as I can remember I was always painting my nails and then got interested in skincare. I just knew it was the right path to follow.

Saks Cheadle's owner Holly Edwards

Holly knew nothing else would do


Best Saks moments so far?

Holly: Winning the Lash Technician Award in 2021.

Reece: Yes, the Saks Awards! Always a highlight, celebrating with the team and catching up with the Saks network. My first Awards was in London in 2017 will always standout.

Holly and Reece, co-owners at Saks Cheadle


What’s The Plan?

Reece: No big changes – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. We want to expand on what we offer in hair and beauty, keeping customers at the heart of what we do.

Holly: And hopefully win a Saks award soon!

Saks Cheadle team at Saks Gathering 2023

Summer of love 2023

Why’d you to want to become a Saks salon owner? 

Reece: Whenever I was asked if I wanted my own salon, my answer was always no. I couldn’t see myself anywhere but Saks Cheadle. So, when the chance came up to have both, the answer became YES.

Holly: Danny always said it’s something that could be possible. And here we are!

Life at Saks Cheadle is…

Reece: It sounds cliche, but it’s a second family. I’m lucky to have colleagues, past and present, who’re close friends. Present for personal and professional milestones in my life.

Holly: Working with the best team and having wonderful clients is what it’s all about. Work isn’t work when you love what you do.

Reece: Their support has been amazing! Excited for what a fresh perspective may offer the salon and keen to get involved with ideas for how we can grow. Thank you Jayde, Sian, Saskia and Izzy!

Saks Cheadle team in April 2024

Cheadle vibe

You’re in a business partnership… what qualities do you each bring?

Holly: We’re hard working and love a challenge. Loyal, team players and approachable.

Reece: Holly’s beauty, I’m hair. So we combine our strengths. Holly is better with admin and financials and I’m at home with creative aspects.

Saks Cheadle co-owner Reece at work in salon

In the bob-zone

A hair hack for customers?

Reece: Sleep on a silk pillowcase to help prevent breakage and frizz caused by friction and help your blow dry last longer.

Holly: Good one. And it also helps reduce fine lines and hydrates and soothes the skin.

A beauty treatment you love, Holly?

Holly: A deep tissue massage. I can instantly relax and destress my clients and they leave feeling so much better.

Saks Cheadle co-owner Holly carrying out neck massage

Holly is here for the bliss out

Half an hour of me-time, what do *you* do?

Holly: An express facial. Cleanse, exfoliation and mask to hydrate my skin… and relax!

Reece: Nap.

Iconic and why…

Reece: “Rihanna – never scared of change and hair is a big part of her image. Look at a picture and recognise the era of her career from her hair at that time.

Holly: Charlotte Tilbury. A British entrepreneur who looks amazing and I swear by her skincare and makeup!

Reece: And Saks’ creative director Luke Pluckrose does Charlotte’s hair.

Charlotte Tilbury and Kate Moss, Vogue China cover

Hair by Luke for Charlotte’s Elle China cover with Kate Moss

What’s big in Cheadle right now?

Reece: Healthy hair. We’re seeing more people interested in keeping their hair in prime condition, with treatments in-salon, reducing heat usage and looking to other aspects of their health and seeing this reflected in their hair.

Saks brand campaign 2024

Here for the hair-nurture

Exercise is…

Holly: Monday morning in the gym to set me up for the week.

Reece: Something other people do.

Night in or night out?

Holly: Night in or occasional Sunday daytime venture out.

Reece: Night out. Then several nights in to recover.

Home life is…

Holly: Relaxing with my boyfriend, making dinner, and relaxing watching our favourite tv series.

Reece: Arguing with my boyfriend about what we’re having for tea.

A big recommend?

Reece: Boxset ‘Schitt’s Creek’, film ‘Bridesmaids’, book ‘No Worries If Not’ by Soph Galustian and album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’.

Holly: ‘One Day’ on Netflix. Hooked from the start, lovely but emotional – thoroughly enjoyed it.


Guilty pleasure?

Holly:  Married at First Sight Australia.

Reece: Greggs on a Saturday.


Shortly after taking over Holly and Reece organised their first fundraising event for our national charity partner, The Eve Appeal, with a Make Time For Tea party in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

With a big raffle, cakes, cuppas, fizz and catchups with customers… £1,060 raised for gynaecological cancers. A major contribution as we head towards £250k to raise funds for Eve’s essential research.

Saks4Eve raffle at Saks Cheadle

Raffle of dreams

I love our team because…

Reece: They care about the salon as much as we do.

I love Saks because..

Holly: The opportunities are amazing and we do the best beauty and hair!

Montage of hair and beauty at Saks Cheadle salon

Saks Cheadle’s a scene

Describe each other in three words…

Reece: Holly is conscientious, dedicated and talented.

Holly: Reece is talented, knowledgeable and confident.


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