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About our heritage. We’ve been ‘doing the do’ for 50 years now, starting out with one hair salon in the north east of England to award-winning salons all over the place today, with a whole lotta hair and beauty-love and top-notch education along the way. Today, our ethos is simple. We’re here to deliver a brilliant salon experience. Every time.


1974 THE FIRST SAKS SALON opens in the north east of England and customers flock in seeking the new relaxed cuts and blow dries. Twelve more Saks salons quickly open their doors around the region.

1981 SAKS FRANCHISING launches bringing Saks to the rest of the UK; with salons from Aberdeen to Exeter today.

1995 L’OREAL AND SAKS. The start of a privileged partnership that goes from strength to strength over the years.

1995 SAKS BEAUTY LAUNCHES to a soundtrack of ‘Back for Good’ and Blur v Oasis – because our hair customers asked. Advanced anti-ageing facials become our clinical offering.


1995 ELEMIS AND SAKS. And so begins a British beauty match made in heaven.

1998 DAVID LLOYD LEISURE gets in touch and we become the chosen salon group for their health clubs.

1998 FIRST SAKS TRAINING ACADEMY OPENS in Darlington. Thousands of stylists and therapists get qualified with Saks throughout the years.

1999 SAKS APPRENTICESHIPS LAUNCHES offering quality education, preparing learners for success. Acknowledged as outstanding we’re awarded UK’s Best Training Provider *with Beacon Status* and we’re one of the UK’s top training providers for hair, beauty and management apprenticeships today.


2008 ADVANCED BEAUTY AT SAKS becomes a thing, making us the no 1 choice for better skin. We adopt a prescriptive approach to skin health, with a focus on the synergy between therapist know-how and ground-breaking services and products.

2010 COSMEDIX AT SAKS. Skincare from the USA with super clean ingredients, clinical level actives, luxurious textures and pure natural botanicals for transformative results.

2011 FIRST SAKS BEAUTY-ONLY SALON OPENS in Halifax, dedicated solely to our beauty offering.

2013 THE SAKS YOUTUBE CHANNEL LAUNCHES, with an array of informative how-to vids from our hair and beauty experts.


2014 WE CELEBRATE 40 YEARS OF SAKS with original owner Dennis Cheesebrough and original junior Stephen Kee still at the helm. Saks people celebrate our hair and beauty heritage and enjoy a fabulous year of SAKS 40 celebrations. Oh. What. A. Year!

2014 WE INTRODUCE 3D-LIPO, an award-winning non surgical alternative to liposuction which yields brilliant ongoing results when teamed with healthy life choices.

2015 WE CELEBRATE 20 YEARS OF SAKS BEAUTY. As our beauty-obsessed experts have honed a brilliant menu of face, body and glam treatments down the years, every bit of you can be relaxed, invigorated, transformed and glammed-up by expert therapists in Saks salons all over the place today.


2015 SPECIAL FUNDRAISING. We enter a national charity partnership with The Eve Appeal, raising funds and awareness for gynaecological cancers with the aim of giving something back to our community of women.

2016 WE WELCOME SKEYNDOR to our advanced beauty offering. Barcelona-based Skeyndor’s one of the top cosmeceutical brands in the world.

2017 #ILOVESAKS. We invite customers to shout about their faves at Saks. They so did and they’ve been more than happy to do the #ILOVESAKS since.

2017 WE WELCOME DECLEOR. Blissful and beauty-enhancing for the face, body and mind. Innovative treatments and products with quality graded essential oils.


2019 SAKS4EVE FUNDRAISING HITS £150,000. And. We. Are. SO. Proud. Thanks to our brilliant salon teams, customers, friends and families and a whole lotta *crazy* activities we set our sights on £250,000 for research into gynaecological cancers.

2019 L’OREAL COLOUR TROPHY OPENING SHOW by Luke Pluckrose and Saks Art Team. Our creative director pulls out all the stops intepreting Kaleidescopic Colour and Geometric Reflections with hair made of glass and metals.


2021 WE CELEBRATE OVER 25 YEARS OF BEAUTY by reaffirming our mantra given we weren’t able to in 2020. Beauty is ultimately about wellbeing. About adding pep to your step. About that hour when you can lie back and float away. Being able to help if something’s bothering you and *always* adding pre-event pizzazz. A bit of beauty can even help you face a tricky day. Saks therapists are always here for making you feel better when you head back out. Even more so now.

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2023 SEES £20,000 RAISED FOR THE EVE APPEAL CEO Athena Lamnisos says: “The most heartfelt thanks to Saks for their incredible support for The Eve Appeal. How amazing to reach £200,000 in total through their fantastic fundraising efforts. We are constantly blown away by the passion, enthusiasm and fun they bring to supporting our charity.”

Janet King, head of marketing at Saks: “Huge thanks to every Saks4Eve supporter. They’ve all helped us get to this point. We’ve got our eyes on raising our next £50k to coincide with Saks’ 50th celebrations in 2024. We’re super-proud to be doing our bit. Please get in touch with your Saks salon to see what they’re up to next and let’s help to make change.”


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