Style Stories for 2023 at Saks

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In 2022 we got back to our hair, redefining shape and colour, so what are the new takes for 2023? We asked our Saks hair experts to chat on trends from our salon floors and share their style predictions for the year ahead.


Jess Hesp at Saks Barnard Castle says: “If you want to go smoother, I recommend the 72 Hair system for all hair types, and textures. I find that it’s a lightweight treatment for reducing frizz for up to 12 weeks. You may find that your hair dries more quickly and that it locks in colour and reduces fading too.”


Sarah Clarke-Lees – one of the Saks Artists who sets the standards for hair in our salons – says: “We love nurturing natural texture so when you do fancy a smoother option, remember they’re still going to be underneath your chosen style so moisture and heat protection are essential! My go-to stying product for a smooth finish is LOréal Pro’s Tecni.Art Liss and I’m totally into their Curl Expression range for dialling up curls with intense moisture. Comes in different routines for different types of curls and coils.”


Sarah says: “Layers are going long and flicky with a shift towards working a look with straighteners where hair is styled into voluminous yet smooth styles – think Cindy Crawford’s iconic 80s bouncy blow-dry.”

*Any* excluse to sing… Freedom, yeah yeah.

“When blowdrying, focus on the roots and then add a slight bend under on your straightener, starting a few inches away from your root for a bouncy but smooth finish that tucks under at the ends. Alternate bending under and out to get a flicky more textured finish for your layers.”

For smooth and bend tricks of the trade, watch our creative director, Luke Pluckrose’s quick how-to masterclass.


Shannon Currah of Saks Hexham says: “Curtain bangs are a flattering way to frame the face. When your hair’s almost dry, hold your bangs out from your head and spray with L’Oreal Tecni.Art Pli to set the shape.  Roll hair backwards around a roller or round brush. Warm roller/brush up with your hairdryer and leave to cool. The longer you leave it the better.”

Emily Tighe at Saks Kenilworth continues: “And if you can’t get enough volume, quickly blow dry the hair forward using a round brush and stick it in a large Velcro roller. Leave hair to cool, take the roller out and voilà – perfect curtain bangs!”

Sarah adds: “And there’s also an emphasis on a shorter and heavier fringe complimenting a whole load of different bob styles – from structured to messy.”

Classic brunette bob hairstyle at Saks Guisborough

The joy of The Classic at Saks Guisborough


Shannon: “The Bixie – between the bob and the pixie. Loads of texture, choppy bangs, and a playful tuck behind the ear!”

Jess: “I’m enjoying the evolution of 2022’s faves. Think the mullet and the shag morphing into the shullet. With these hybrid styles you can really own a look.”

Shag haircut at Saks Bishop Auckland

The Shag at Saks Bishop Auckland


Emily: “Sleek high ponytails are on. Even better with embellishment – pearl slides, bows, diamonds – full glamour for nights out, all-seasons. Loving the vibe of Mimi Webb’s high pony by our creative director Luke Pluckrose for her Amelia album cover.”

Heads up: a great listen too!


Sarah says: “Don’t underestimate the bit at the start of your appointment where you chat with your stylist. It’s a real two-way convo so you advise on your likes and dislikes, and we can also advise on dos and don’ts for your hair type and texture.”

Emily: “Let us know if there’s something you’re struggling with styling-wise at home. Your stylist could even make small tweaks to your cut to make styling easier.”

Jess: “Customers often apologise when they want to show me pictures on their phone. No need. Even better, show us what you don’t want!”

Shannon: “We’ll always recommend a routine for your needs and teach you some hacks so you can work your look between appointments. And let us know how you’ve got on next time you’re in.”


Emily says: “Speaking of pictures – we get loads of references to channel Hailey Bieber’s glossy brunette vibe. Actually the inspo for our Saks Kenilworth hair shoot!”

Brunette, you bet!


Emily comments: “A scalp stimulating brush or massager is a great tool to use at home for scalp health. Stimulates the scalp including the hair follicle and exfoliates dead skin cells. Use one along with the all-new anti-dandruff range Symbiose from Kérastase – a luxurious scalp care system!”


Symbiose is a synergistic approach combining a luxury experience with deep care. Uses the finest scientific solution with the luxurious experience, Kérastase decodes dandruff, on a cellular level within the scalp.


Whatever you fancy this year, set your dates with Saks early as our stylists are ready to plan it out and max your look. Book online, download our app or give your salon a buzz.

2023 Style Stories are on. Love Saks xx



Mimi Webb:  photographer Frank Fieber,  stylist Lauren Anne Groves, makeup Lucy Wearing and hair Luke Pluckrose

Saks Kenilworth shoot: photographer salon owner James Maher and hair by Emily Tighe

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