A Check-In for Your Skin

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You’ll find we adopt an age-positive approach to nurturing your skin at Saks with our considered menu of luxuriant and advanced treatments including facials, peels and next-gen therapies. From aroma-infused and nourishing facials to clinical-level peels and tweakments – there’s something for everyone in every Saks Beauty salon.

Sue at Saks Sedbury Hall says: “It’s a privilege to age and it’s such a shame that we can lose sight of this. And it’s never too early *or too late* to start looking after your skin or to reconsider your regimen as it changes. You’ll find that our salons have great options that’ll make a visible difference throughout the years.”

From our mid-20s onwards we start to lose some collagen and elasticity as collagen and elastin production decreases, which eventually results in loss of firmness, volume and elasticity, with lines and wrinkles become more pronounced in our 50s. Our therapists are super-qualified and here to help boost and plump and also eradicate conditions such as acne and rosacea.

CACI at Saks Sedbury Hall

CACI at Saks Sedbury Hall

“The sooner you start paying age-appropriate attention to your regimen the better. Try to include regular facials to counteract the above, and maximise your time when you’re in. Listen to your therapist and take home good advice on home care products and ingredients plus healthy lifestyle options – plenty of water, balanced diet, regular exercise – all of these things work in synergy.”

“Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamins A, C, D, E plus selenium and zinc. As we age, dead skin cells build up and the skin can become dull and lacklustre so we need to regularly exfoliate or resurface to give our skin its glow back. Also, avoid strong formulas which can compromise the skin’s barrier function and exacerbate issues. In-salon peels are specific to your needs and are used in a controlled way to renew the skin and achieve a refreshed complexion.”

Michelle at Saks West Bridgford says: “And always use a sunscreen to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. Using a good broad-spectrum SPF every day of every year will serve you well.”

Cosmedix Hydrate Plus at Saks Beauty Gosforth

Hydrate Plus at Saks Beauty Gosforth. Summer nails on point Kathryn!


The Saks Beauty recipe for your face is to combine therapist know-how, with best ingredients and the latest tech innovations to achieve optimum results. For those wanting to take it to the next level – advanced therapies at Saks include micro-needling, IPL skin rejuvenation and LED light therapy.


And Our Beauts agree wholeheartedly about LED. Michelle says: “Red light improves cellular function and revitalises dull, ageing skin, boosting collagen and improving firmness. Alternatively we can use led blue light which is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory – this is great if you’re prone to breakouts or rosacea. It works brilliantly as a standalone treatment or in synergy with other facials – as light penetrates deep to the layers, enhancing any other treatment.”

Natalie at Saks Leeds City continues: “At your consultation your therapist will decide between red, blue and near-infrared lights or a combination of these to be bespoke to your skin needs. As an added bonus it can also aid wound-healing with no downtime.”

LED at Saks Guisborough

LED Light Therapy at Saks Guisborough


Natalie Says: “A simple routine morning and night is best. Don’t be overwhelmed by thinking you need multiple products. I love a double cleanse – literally cleaning twice for ultra clean skin. The first cleanse removes makeup and product buildup and environmental pollutants and this is usually an oil based cleanser which allows the second ‘target’ cleanse to penetrate even further. This will then give your skin the condition it needs to get the benefits of the target treatment.”


Michelle says: “Keep an eye on your mobile phone usage. We gaze and can even forget to blink – which can lead to formation of wrinkles and late night scrolling can lead to disjointed sleep, tiredness and dark circles. Keep an eye on your usage on your phone’s app and switching off earlier is a no-brainer – try it!

“And finally – sorry to go on – holding the phone to your ear and face can cause skin irritation and itching, which is termed as mobile dermatitis.” Michelle. Has. Spoken.


Find you Saks Beauty salon and get booked in and we’ll see how your skin’s faring. It’s never too late. Love Saks xx


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