Light Fantastic 900

21st July 2021

Saks in the City of Leeds

Reading Time: 4 minutes Happy days… our Saks Leeds City salon is open! Lockdowns didn’t stop Natalie Jenkins and our superfly Saks HQ team...

12th July 2021

Saks Awards 2021 Winners

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of our best bits! After the time when we had to rewrite organising salon life – open-close-repeat-repeat – looking...

21st June 2021

Hello Graduate Fashion Week!

Reading Time: 2 minutes SO GOOD  to be styling backstage again! We love the Graduate Fashion Week gig and it was especially brilliant to...

14th June 2021

What’s your new hair and beauty?

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we navigate emerging post-pandemic, we’ve all changed a bit – how couldn’t we? How we do stuff. What we...

Salon Business Awards finalists 2021

19th May 2021

Finalists Finalists Finalists

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lockdown didn’t stop Our Three smashing it as finalists in the Salon Business Awards 2021… and representing in five different...

Luke Pluckrose of Saks with Nikki Wolff

4th May 2021

Nikki and Luke Stronger Together

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now here’s a creative collab that we think you’ll love hearing more about. Find out how top celeb makeup artist...

1st March 2021

21 Reasons to convert to Saks

Reading Time: 11 minutes There’s so much for salon owners to stay on top of these days… customers, staff, training, suppliers, finances, social media,...

23rd February 2021

Safe. Sound. Saks.

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re 100% committed to ensuring the safety of everyone who steps in to our salons. You’ll find us all geared...

22nd February 2021

Give kudos – they made the grade!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lockdowns have not stopped our fab Saks faces from entering to win in the Saks Awards. Our annual gatherings are...

Nikki at Saks Chester with BHBA award

28th January 2021

Nikki at Saks Chester bags a BHBA

Reading Time: 4 minutes THIS! Despite a helluva challenging year we are *absolutely thrilled* that our brilliant salon owner Nicola Hughes at Saks Chester...

Glam Rocks festive

22nd October 2020

Fear. Not. Glam. Rocks.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Va-va-voom hair and beauty is all at Saks at this time of year, even if #outout can’t be a thing....

5th October 2020

‘Go Red’ they said

Reading Time: 2 minutes A very big THANK YOUUUUU to the Saks fundraising faces behind these masks! September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and...

29th September 2020

About our Love Saks app

Reading Time: < 1 minute We’re always looking for ways to improve, so faffing around on your web browser, or trying to find time...

8th September 2020

Back to busy – own it with Saks

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we tentatively navigate the rest of 2020 – hopefully staying back at work, school, eating out, weekends away at...

19th August 2020


Reading Time: 2 minutes Brilliant Saks news right here! Join us as we salute our salon owners Nicola Hughes and Paula Wood for being...

Saks Newark team outside salon

20th July 2020

Zoe opens Saks Hair Newark salon

Reading Time: 3 minutes From super-creative Saks stylist to our newest salon owner… meet Zoe Chamberlain who opens the door of Saks Hair Newark...

Angus Tsui hair by Saks

30th April 2020

Saks Artists gigs pre-lockdown

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reminiscing to loadsa times just before social distancing when our Saks Artists were here there and everywhere adding the wow-factor....

19th March 2020

Our Covid-19 measures

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dear Customers, our latest updates about reopening are here. March 2020 message: We’ve closed our salons for as long as...

Charlotte at Saks Yarm LCT grand finalist 2020

15th March 2020

L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes It may be delayed but Saks will definitely there! Very good news as L’Oréal Professionnel announces grand finalists in this year’s...

Saks Men barbering team at Cheadle

12th March 2020

Saks Men, our barbers in Cheadle

Reading Time: 2 minutes Another shout for Saks Men as we’ve opened our second barbers in Cheadle David Lloyd – open to non-members too....

2nd March 2020

And Breathe… we’ve got you

Reading Time: 4 minutes Put me-time on your ‘things to do’. Now and every day. Yoga check-ins to adrenalin-fuelled HIT half hours, a binge-watch...

Wig by Sean at Saks Yarm

13th February 2020

‘No Rules’ by Saks A-Team 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Luke told Saks A-Team 2019 that NO RULES APPLY for their final photographic collection and they said YES TO THAT....

10th February 2020

Saks Awards 2020 Winner Winner…

Reading Time: 2 minutes OK for the annual Saks Awards we did things a little differently this year. Our social-savvy HQ team harnessed the...

Top 15 Saks4Eve salons 2020

2nd February 2020

A big Saks4Eve HIGH FIVE!

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we enter the fifth year of our charity partnership with The Eve Appeal a heartfelt thanks going out to...

26th January 2020

Haute Couture hair by Luke at PFW

Reading Time: 2 minutes First gigs of 2020 for our creative director, Luke Pluckrose? Paris Fashion Week of course… and they were all Haute...

16th January 2020

Bring It with Saks

Reading Time: 4 minutes What’s your narrative for 2020? No ‘new year, new you’ messaging here. We simply say BRING IT – a new...

Saks Addlestone hair salo

15th January 2020

INCOMING Saks Addlestone salon!

Reading Time: 4 minutes New year, new Saks salons alert and we couldn’t be happier to welcome our Saks Addlestone salon. We’ve opened our...

Light Fantastic 900

7th January 2020

For your Best of Times

Reading Time: 3 minutes You often tell us that your Saks visit is something you cherish. Time for you, right? One thing’s for sure – you’re...

5th November 2019

Hollie on Hydration

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your skin dehydrated? Hollie of Saks Beauty Squad is passionate about skincare and, in the first of  a series,...

28th October 2019

It’s written. Glam is ON!

Reading Time: 3 minutes There once was a girl with lots of big curls… and when she did party-season she R O C K...

25th October 2019

Saks makeup artists at Gok gig

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hollie Simpson of Saks Beauty Squad was delighted to be asked to head up a backstage makeup team for Gok’s...

Saks salon owners conference

23rd October 2019

Saks salon owners converge

Reading Time: 3 minutes All the team-building right here. When we put on a get-together for our salon owners we tell-all about all our...

Anna and Sue at Saks Sedbury Hall announcing fundraising for Eve

30th September 2019

Know. Your. Vulva.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Another public cervix announcement on behalf of our charity partner, The Eve Appeal. Make the Vulva Vow. It’s simple. All...

Claire and John Denyer with BHBA award

12th September 2019

BHBA Hall of Fame for Claire D

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re proud of the talented and totally gorgeous Claire Denyer every day. The icing on the cake for our owner...

Desk Til Dawn brunette

16th August 2019

The Desk ‘Til Dawn Edit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Partying straight outta work and into the early hours or thinking desk ’til 7pm will do nicely thanks very much?...

British Hairdressing Business Awards finalists

12th August 2019


Reading Time: 3 minutes THREE is the magic number for Saks in British Hairdressing Business Awards this year. THREE finalists that is. Plus ONE...