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When you think of hair styles, transformations, creations – you generally think they’ll be on your head, right? Us too. Well, everyone that is apart from Saks Hexham’s creative queen, Emma B.

The unbelievably talented salon director and L’Oréal Colour Specialist has only gone and made a dress entirely from hair (yes, you read that right), and we’re oh-so-impressed with you Em. What a legend…


Every year, Saks stylists far and wide love to enter awards, whether they’re creative or business related – it’s just what they enjoy doing. So this year, Emma knew she wanted to push the boundaries with a show-stopping look to turn heads in every category. So far planning to enter her stunning creation into the Saks Awards and Salon Business Awards.

Emma says: “There’s nothing better than unleashing my creativity, one strand at a time. I’m so pleased with my creation and am excited to see if it makes the finals in any of the awards I’ve entered. But winning really isn’t my main driving force. I just love being creative – I really enjoyed working on this piece.”


So Emma – just wow! Tell us all about your amazing creation?

For this look, I aimed to create a unique and eye-catching design by using natural brunette hair with highlights, combining plaited and frilled elements for a diverse and visually interesting dress, which has a 1920s feel to it.

Where did you get your inspo?

I have always had a passion for art, craft and fashion, so after my stint with the Saks A-Team – creating a show-stopping look for a photoshoot, I wanted to carry on being creative and merging art, crafts and fashion with hair.

Why this out of the endless possibilities?

I wanted to make something different and take every-day hairdressing to a different level.

It looks like it took a looooong time to make…. how long did it take!?

It didn’t take that long really – I would say a few days’ work.

US: You must be fast Emma.

Any feeling left in your hands afterwards?

Lol, I could just about still feel them!

Have you told your customers about it? Were they impressed?

I have, I’ve been showing my customers the pictures of my dress as they always want to know if our hair team are entering competitions or doing anything exciting, and Shannon (Saks Hexham’s salon manager) has displayed the dress in our window!

Saks Hexham customer, Penny, says “I am a regular customer of your fabulous and friendly salon in Hexham. I am amazed by Emma’s artistic talent and the dress of hair she’s created. The finished product is a marvellous work of art – it makes a wonderful window display to demonstrate the creative standard of your stylists”.

What’s next on your creative list?

Well, I have a couple of things up my sleeve, the possibilities are endless.



With an impressive 25 years’ hairdressing experience, Emma loves anything to do with colour, specialising in creative and vivid colour, as well as colour corrections. She’s also known for precision cutting. And did you know she’s a Kérastase ambassador too – so if you need product advice, Emma’s the stylist for you.


Emma follows in the footsteps of Luke Pluckrose, Saks’ creative director, and Claire Murphy, Saks’ Artist, educator and session-stylist (alongside the Saks A-Team of the time) who’ve previously created show-stopping clothes also made from hair.

Luke says: “The team rose to the very steep challenge to put together Wearable Hair – clothing hand-made from hair. Think avant-garde meets everyday fashions, ranging from delicate lace to faux fur, a sports luxe jacket and apres ski jumper dress – crazy!”


Fancy an appointment with Emma? Head over to Saks Hair Hexham’s website where you can grab a price list and book online. Or if you’re in town just pop into the salon at 9 Cattle Market.


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