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“We make a living by what we get, but make a life by what we give.” says Natasha at Saks Kings Hill, summing up the reasoning for our Saks4Eve fundraising.

If you don’t know it already, our charity partner The Eve Appeal is the leading UK national charity funding research and raising awareness into the five gynaecological cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal. The world-leading research that The Eve Appeal funds is ambitious and challenging but their vision is simple: A future where gynaecological cancers are a disease of the past.

And at Saks, we are doing what we can to help.

We originally set out to raise £200k for our chosen charity partner. We soon scratched that. And it’s especially exciting to share that due to this amazing lot, our totaliser is now totted up to £220k. And in the year in which we celebrate 50 years of Saks we may also hit our target of a quarter of a million pounds. If you want to help, please let us know.

Saks4Eve totaliser at £220k

Proud to be Saks4Eve

In this roundup of most recent fundraising we have Peaky BLINDERS, tough mudder majors and quiz queens, in-salon shenanigans and a major swanky affair. Find out who did what from our unstoppable salon teams and unbelievably kind customers…

Saks Hexham fundraising at Slaley Hall

Hexham see RED


Spotlight on Saks Hexham. Oh what a start to our 2024 fundraising for The Eve Appeal. Team-Hexham raised £13,058 from a Saks4Eve night like no other at Slaley Hall. And oh what a night… with a 12-piece band playing party classics, games, dancing, uber-deluxe raffle, name the womb, love and laughter into the early hours.

Attendees at Saks Hexham fundraising event for The Eve Appeal

Don’t ask

This all means the world to salon owner Andrea and Shannon as they lost their mam and grandma to cervical cancer. And Andrea is always ready to belt out a tune for The Cause…


Intrepid hikers from our Barnard Castle, Guisborough and Northallerton salons and HQ took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Our magnificent seven being … Jess of Barnard Castle, Sara of Guisborough, Katie, Becky, Sophia of Northallerton and Janet n Jo of HQ.

Montage of Saks fundraisers before Three Peaks challenge for The Eve Appeal

Three Peaks TEAM

We caught up with some of the team for their quick comments on this challenge.

Becci: “So proud of us all for completing – the chat kept us going. My low point? Eating essential chocolate raisins on the way down one of the peaks, slipped, on my bum, raisins went flying. Gave everyone a good laugh though.”

Sophia: “VERY tough. Couldn’t have done it without the amazing team. Hilarious re Becci – kept us going! We were tired out at the end but so proud and glad to get back to the car. Such a good feeling.”

Jess: “It was a beautiful walk. Well, most of it. The weather was on our side. Well, most of the time. I’m over the moon I completed but 100% felt it afterwards. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me!”

Katie: “What a challenge and achievement! I’m SO proud of what we’ve done here and since the start of our partnership.”


A special shout to Saks Newark and our principal stylist Rebecca for sharing this story on all their channels.

Salon owner Zoe says “As a few of you may know our lovely principal stylist Rebecca has found out that she carries the BRCA 1 gene which means she’s at a very high risk of getting breast and or ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is one of the five gynaecological cancers The Eve Appeal raises funds for and we’re passionate about raising funds and awareness about the importance of owning our gynae health and getting checked out if something seems wrong.”

Rebecca at Saks Newark supporting The Eve Appeal

Rebecca at Saks Newark on BRCA1 gene – raising awareness for The Eve Appeal


Hot on the heels of the Three-Peaky Blinders, Natalie, Devora and Debbie at Guisborough completed the super tricky Tough Mudder.

Salon owner Debbie says “Totally in my element doing stuff like this. I love a fitness challenge – it keeps me motivated having a goal to work towards. And this time there was a huge sense of accomplishment, doing it as a team and raising funds. I make sure it’s something I enjoy and love it’s now my lifestyle keeping active and healthy is my non negotiable. It’s a privilege to be able to do things like this to do our bit.”

Saks Guisborough Tough Mudder challenge for The Eve Appeal

Is that a Saks4Eve salute there Deb?


Alice of Guisborough – also one of our resident Saks Artists educating at the Saks Hub – made time for the Ediburgh Marathon and says: “It was GRUELLING! Much harder than I expected and it almost put me off running again! But knowing I’d raised so much for The Eve Appeal was the only thing that pushed me through. I had an ear infection and wanted to quit but it’s amazing how you find the strength to go on for the charity.

“Supporting The Eve Appeal in salon has opened up conversations around gynae helath with our customers and that in itself made the pain worth it. I’ve signed up for the Great North Run this year and who knows I might just attempt a marathon again. At some stage.”

Alice of Saks Guisborough at Edinburgh Marathon for The Eve Appeal

Amazing, Our Alice!


Of *yet another* legendary quiz night at Saks Kings Hill, salon director Natasha says “Proud is an understatement when I think about our Saks fam all coming together to organise an amazing charity event for The Eve Appeal! Not only does it bring the whole salon team together to work in a different way, but our extended families and our customers as well.

“We have an amazingly fun night, with laughter and socialising but we never forget the reason for the event. Raising all important funds for The Eve Appeal.  If we can help one woman by raising awareness, giving some time and preparation, then it is worth it!”

We thank you for the £1,226 raised this time team-KH!

Saks Kings Hill at The Eve Appeal quiz night

Getting quizzy with it at Saks Kings Hill


A big Saks4Eve mention to our teams at Chester and Exeter for banking funds from various in-salon activites too. Northallerton’s crazy Christmas raffle showcasing how we raise pennies with raffles and all sorts of other things front of house in our salons.

Christmas raffle at Saks Northallerton for The Eve Appeal

Celeb support at Saks Hair Northallerton


To contact The Eve Appeal’s nurse-led information service about any questions related to gynaecological health, please call 0808 802 0019 – which is free to call from landlines and mobile phones – or get in touch via

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