This year’s ambitions for blondes

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In springtime we reimagine blonde. Deep into awards season with weddings and festivals incoming, we love translating red carpet hues into your own brand of summer colour.

And any excuse for Saks artists and salon owners to cite iconic looks – from Debbie Harry and Sienna Millar to Margot Robbie, Charlize and Hailey Beiber – and share this year’s ambitions for blondes!


Bex Calladine of Saks Doncaster says: “I’m always here for a platinum ash – ala Sienna – but equally loving the buttery and champagne palettes and the re-emergence of honey.”

Sarah Ross of Saks Guisborough: “Same here Bex. Personalised multi-tonal warmth is all!”


Saks Artist Sarah Clarke-Lees (SCL) says: “These natural looking locks go perfectly with the clean girl makeup trend. And the return of 90s hair has seen darker blondes make a big comeback as rocked by Hailey Beiber.”

Bex says: “So versatile to work with and flattering for skin tones and eye colours. The lived-in, less maintained colour game is strong. And great to see how it works into brunette.”

Katy Adamson of Saks Northallerton says: “I love Margot Robbie’s deep bronde. Saying that, I’m looking forward to seeing how she magics up Barbie blonde!”

Sarah R continues: “There’s a big desire to explore these tones. Subtle colour placement still makes you look and feel brighter and can really reflect the light for healthy, high shine – Charlize Theron always nails high shine.”

Blonde hair by Emily at Saks Kenilworth

Emily at Saks Kenilworth for Ioana


Beige blondes have more fun with *five* gorgeous new pearl shades from L’Oreal Professionnel. Perfect to personalise and enhance your beautiful French balayage. Get set to max your reflecting, in the season of sun… ask for info next time you’re next in.


Sarah R says: “Strategic colour placement is key – from framing the face, a peek-a-boo fringe to a balayage that’ll last for weeks.”

Bex adds: “I love creating a lower maintenance look by lightning up around the face and softening or smudging at the root. Working with natural colour achieves amazing results.”


SCL – creator of our Signature Colours – says: “With the Nurture Natural root melt toner from Signature Colours your Saks stylist merges highlights with your natural colour to achieve soft tones and a seamless ‘grown-out’ look.

“Our Nurture Natural toner is quick to apply and easy to add to your usual colour appointment. Clever colour which lasts around eight weeks and you choose to refresh as and when you please.”

Nurture Natural blonde hair colour at Saks

Nurture Natural


Sarah R: “A short blunt bob or pixie crop are great opportunities to go more bold with your colour… big statement, big impact!”

SCL: “I aways have time for the sharp, shorter styles. Timeless, ageless and colour can be changed by the season with lowlights or toner. Debbie Harry’s been reinventing and rocking the blonde bob for years.”

Montage of blonde colour at Saks salons

Blonde scenes at Saks


Katy on The Big Day: “Once you’ve set your date, book a consultation with your stylist to talk wedding goals in plenty of time. We’ll plan out your visits with regular trims, define your colour and optimise condition and strength for album-worthy, shiny hair!

SCL adds: “Good call Katy – Clear Gloss colour works wonders for extra shine. If nothing else, get a good trim six weeks before and then after your honeymoon for optimum health. Jetting out to a sunny destination? Ask in-salon about the Soleil range from Kérastase for UV protection.”

Blonde wedding hair up at Saks Leeds City

Just. So. Wedding hair at Saks Leeds City


Bex: “I love seeing results with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Metal Detox range. We can neutralize any metal buildup from water before colour, balayage and bleach services, followed by detoxifying anti-metal cleansing cream.”

Metal Detox at Saks


Katy: “I mostly recommend the Kérastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra Violet weekly mask for blondes. The purple formula helps to banish brassy tones and also protects against dullness.”

SCL: “Try to wash and rinse in cooler water to keep cuticles closed and toner locked in. Don’t rub hair dry as hair is more fragile when wet and more prone to breakage – pat gently instead. Use a comb on wet hair and a brush on dry hair and do both tip to root not root down.”


Katy says: “If you’re wanting extensions, don’t scrimp on quality and opt for the best you can afford. Book a consultation with an extension specialist. Consider the various techniques that are available so you can get what’s right for you and your hair and also ask about aftercare. Are you prepared to follow the regime as it can be quite demanding. A professional extensions stylist will advise you on this.”


At your complimentary consultation we’ll talk colour goals and take you through techniques. Whatever you desire, be certain that your Saks stylist is considering and calculating behind the scenes, working out volume and depth and more. Book in to chat it through.

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