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What does our creative director’s schedule look like? Who has the task of managing it. No two days the same. Gigs around the world. Saks shoots, shows and training sessions. Amazingly creative, whatever the brief.

Alex Scott cover and Nicole Scherzinger win at the Olivier Awards


Here, we celebrate Luke’s recent work – from all the big campaigns to the A-listers who regularly check in. We asked Luke to sum up what he loves about his work and Saks people about That Thing he brings every time.

Covers for Charlotte Tilbury, Tatiana Korsakova and Nicola Coughlan


14 years in at Saks, with nine as head of Saks Art Team. Since day one Luke’s showcased his passion for all forms of hairdressing and for bringing Saks stylists on.

Back in ’74 – scratch that – 2013

From deep dives into avant-garde and intricate wig-work, to coveted styles we head to our salons for. Always with a passion for empowering stylists, sharing insight and giving opportunities to get into session styling.

Luke says: “Representing Saks in the hair industry or putting on creative training for Saks stylists are hard to beat. I love sharing what I know and there’s nothing better than watching a stylist put their own slant on a look. We have a right laugh as well. Saks people are my people is all I’m saying here.”


Salon owner Zoe at Saks Hair Newark on Luke’s approach. “He keeps it low-key, and he’s always so laid back. In his words, he wants to ‘just do good hair’. If you know Lukey Boy, you’ll know this phrase.”

Luke onside for Chrissy, Ashley and Sabrina


In the mix… glossy covers of fashion bibles, fashion weeks, runways and red carpets of London, Paris and New York. As well as super private events in exotic locations that we can’t share. We. Know. Nothing.

Luke: “I feel lucky to get to work on very different aspects of hairdressing. For my clients I always want to create beautiful hair that does justice to who they are, and what they’re wearing. I want them to  look and feel great when they hit the red carpet.”

Ad campaign covers courtesy of Luke's AFrame profile

Shannon of Saks Hexham: “Having assisted Luke at shows, I’ve learnt so much about session styling. Attention to detail is all and he’s calm under pressure. Paris Fashion Week was a highlight. I loved the hustle and bustle backstage. Thank you Luke for all you’ve taught me. So far!”

Dani at Saks Chester: “I first met Luke when he interviewed me for our creative programme at Saks. Next thing I’m assisting at Fashion Week. I love what he does at the shows and how he values everyone’s input. It makes me say yes to these opportunities. Maybe one day I’ll be asking people to help me on a big shoot!”

Harris Reed, Fashion In Motion at the V&A


Throwing it back to June ’23 at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final in which Luke got free rein to write the brief, choosing to depict the endless possibilities for hairdressers and for hair with his ‘Limitless‘ end of show show.

90s Supers homage at LCT 2023

90s Supers homage at LCT 2023


Saks Artist and longtime right hand woman Clare Murphy: “When Luke tells you you’ve done good, you’re chuffed because his standards are very high. He’s one of those annoying hairdressers who will take the brush and lift the hair to another level. He’s got the Midas touch. I watch and see what kind of nugget I’m going to learn next.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, he’ll say come and have a go. If you want to learn, he’ll want to show you how. That’s part of why people gravitate to him. He’s down to earth and his honesty is second to none.”

Lori Harvey for Burberry with Charlotte Tilbury


Bex Calledine, owner at Saks Doncaster, “Saks Donny loves what Luke brings! We’re honoured to be part of a salon group that encourages creative flair from us all and that boy has Got That!

“Always in awe of how he gets in the zone and you think ‘OK, how did that happen.’ He generates creativity from our teams and motivates us as salon owners.”


On set, October 2023 creating gorgeous looks for our Good For You brand campaign with long time collaborators Catherine Harbour, Karl Willett and James Butterfield. With *something extra* to celebrate 50 years of Saks coming soon.

Shag and wet hair looks by Luke Pluckrose at Saks

Shag and wet hair inspo from our brand campaign

We asked Luke to create some of his absolute fave styles that we all know, love and want to make our own. From working a versatile shag to wet look curls as shown here along with amplifying natural texture, a big blowout, updos… he got to play and our customers are loving the vibe of this campaign.

Saks brand campaign 2024


Nicola Hughes, owner of Saks Chester, says: “Luke’s always pushing creative boundaries. As a franchisee it allows me to focus on creating a perfect salon environment whilst knowing he’s looking after the creative narrative, and making opportunities for my team. His work’s testament to his dedication to the hair industry. Always exciting to see what’s next.”

Jana Skye with makeup by Nikki Wolff


Since 2019, Luke’s gained major recognition from working with top makeup artist Nikki Wolff. Both share a passion for exploring how to create beautiful looks – be it stellar celeb-styling and editorial shoots, or for Nikki’s Sunday Tutorials.

Braid-style for Emilie Durd from Luke’s Instagram

Luke: “When session styling, I get to collaborate with the best makeup artists, stylists, photographers from around the world. It’s surprising how easily you can fit into ways of working together, especially when you’re booked on the same gigs more than once.”


Luke’s love of creating glossy hair looks makes him a go-to for celebrity styling for red carpet events the world over.

Stellar clients


And when Kris, Kendall and Kim are in town, it’s Luke they’ve looked to, for channeling their London looks. Kim. Three. Times.

Luke onside for Kim, Kris and Kendall


Luke Pluckrose, can you get your head through the door? Seriously, coining another phrase from the man himself “cheers mate”. We love what you do!

To enquire about booking Luke call 0845 678 0290 or email bookings@saksartists.co.uk. All photography courtesy of Luke’s Instagram grid and profile at AFrame Agency.



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