Microblading in Northallerton

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Did you know that our principal therapist Chelsea is an expert in providing microblading in Northalleron? Chelsea undertook extensive training with industry-leader K.B. Pro in February 2018 and she’s now providing providing semi-permanent brows to numerous customers with gorgeous results every time.

Microblading process at Saks Beauty Northallerton


1) Our microblading in Northallerton treatment doesn’t use a blade! It’s actually a configuration of tiny needles that create fine hair-like stokes to mimic natural brow hair.

2) K.B Pro pigments are formulated with moisture-retaining ingredients that aids your healing process and they also contain antiseptic properties.

3) After your initial treatment your brows can look up to 40% darker than the true healed colour and the colour will then fade as the skin starts to heal over the underlying pigment! Don’t panic becasuse the pigment is retained and starts to appear after four weeks.

4) You’ll require a touch-up treatment to ensure pigment is set deep enough to give you a longer lasting brow and to ensure the shape is perfect as is the colour.

5) With microblading there is no set shape or style and this system creates THE MOST realistic looking brows, which means everybody’s is different, unique and bespoke to you.

Chelsea in microblading training

Extensive training for Chelsea!


No obligation consultations are FREE with our K.B Pro Brow artist Chelsea. Call 01609 770159 for more information or appointments about microblading in Northallerton.

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