‘No Rules’ by Saks A-Team 2019

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Luke told Saks A-Team 2019 that NO RULES APPLY for their final photographic collection and they said YES TO THAT. After a year being nurtured by Saks Art Team in the world of creative hairdressing, wig work artistry and – of course – colour, imaginations ran riot with references ranging from the French Revolution, Caribbean sunsets and mermaids with glass hair to sea pollution, koi fish and the 50s pin-up. A diverse array of inspirations that worked brilliantly together – bravo Saks A-Team 2019!


Hanna Farquhar of Saks Aberdeen says “My look was very much a statement about the environment – the colour was inspired by greens and blues of the ocean. We need to STOP POLLUTING so eventually it can all be beautiful again. The style was inspired by the wind making hair huge and wild.

Wig by Hanna at Saks Aberdeen


Jessica Smith – aka Little Jess – of Saks Hexham says: “I was inspired by oriental artwork and koi fish – beautiful colours and how they contrast against each other. The vibrant clash of neon peach red and turquoise sea green work together to show a dynamic look.  I love the swish of hair across the model’s face – it’s so fluid and just ties the whole look together. It was a chance of a lifetime to travel to London and work in the studio with Luke – just fantastic and I loved every second!”

Wig by Jess at Saks Hexham


Leoni of Saks Guisborough says: “When Luke said no boundaries apply it was really exciting to use what we’d learnt throughout the year in our own ways. Once you learn the skill of hairdressing you can keep creating and developing yourself. For my inspiration I looked to the laid-back living of the Caribbean, free spirits and dreaming big.”

Wig by Leoni at Saks Guisborough


Lucy Coles of Saks Lincoln says: “I wanted to create something inspired by 50s pin up/showgirl met with a modern sleek twist I adored the freedom working with wigs gave me, it’s something I wouldn’t normally get to do.”

Wig by Lucy at Saks Lincoln


Lottie Lewington of Saks Yarm says: “I wanted to create a beautiful pastel colour and style that was on-trend that my customers would love. Purple is my absolute favourite colour and it was great seeing this colour emerge.”

Wig by Lucy at Saks Lincoln


Sienna Coyle of Saks Northallerton won the Avant-Garde Image Award in the Saks Awards 2020 with this image. Sienna says: “At our first session Sarah Clarke-Lees took us through the history of hair. I love fashion, and see how history repeats itself. So I enjoyed looking at how hairstyles are influenced by historic styles and modernised. I wanted to push myself towards an avant-garde style and decided to try something a bit regal. Marie Antoinette. Influenced by the 17th century, French Revolution hairstyles, with a modern touch.”


Stacey Hallam of Saks Doncaster says: “The look I created was inspired by a modern twist from the take of mermaids and how they had their long wavy hair, I wanted to create a feminine look but with strong bold colours.”

Wig by Stacey at Saks Doncaster


Hanna Farquhar – Saks Aberdeen
Jessica Smith – Saks Hexham
Leonie Winter – Saks Guisborough
Lottie Lewington – Saks Yarm
Lucy Coles – Saks Lincoln
Sienna Coyle – Saks Hair Northallerton
Stacey Hallam – Saks Doncaster
Sean Ashley – Saks Yarm (cover image)


Sean says of his look: “I was totally inspired by colourists on Instagram and the images that are trending – particularly vivid colours that get lots of engagement! I wanted to create a look that was multi-tonal, high-fashion yet wearable and pretty.”

On her A-Team journey, Jess of Saks Hexham concludes: “I joined A-Team to broaden my hairdressing knowledge. It showed me that there is so much more to hairdressing than salon life! My boss Andrea wanted to push my creativity as she knows I love to flex my artistic muscles. One of the most exciting parts of the whole thing was getting through the interview – very daunting – and securing my place on the team!

I loved sharing the new techniques with the girls in the salon! They looked forward to hearing everything that I’d been doing and have asked me to run some training sessions to share my knowledge. My customers enjoyed hearing about it too. I’m so proud of the whole experience and my final image! I definitely recommend it to Saks stylists interested in session work. I know the girls can’t wait for their chance to join A-Team!”


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