Saks A Team 2016 final shows

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We love Saks A Team! Our year-long training initiative where #Saks_UK stylists get to head to the bright lights to push their boundaries, being mentored by our creative director, Luke Pluckrose and our Saks Art Team.

Saks A Team 2016 Wearable Hair

After a tough interview process a handful of stylists are chosen to join the programme. 2016’s A Team received a special brief – to present two final hair collections at our Saks Gathering at the Hilton Metropole on Edgeware Road recently.

Wearable HairWearable Hair

Luke Pluckrose says: “2016 A Team rose to the very steep challenge to put together two diverse collections. Wearable Hair and Couture Princesses.”

Carly, Hollie and Amy

Carly, Hollie and Amy

Luke continues: “Our A Team programme is proof that the sky’s the limit for our creative stylists. Two previous A-Teamers have become fully-fledged members of the Saks Art Team in the last 12 months. Sarah Clarke-Lees of Saks Lytham  is now educating our network and represent Saks session-styling. It was great to involve Saks Makeup Artists on these shows as well.”

Sarah Clarke-Lees says: “Couture Princesses was all about moulded wigs blended onto faces – bringing childhood memories to the modern day with sleek colourful catwalks. Wearable hair? Clothing hand-made from hair! Avant garde meets everyday fashions, with “materials” ranging from delicate lace to pimped out fur, a sports luxe jacket and apres ski jumper dress – crazy!”


Saks Awards show A Team

Taking a well-deserved bow with our MUAs

David Fortune – Saks Cheshire Oaks
Emily Tighe – Saks Kenilworth
Zoe Chamberlain and Sophie Vaughan – Saks Lincoln
Sam Dyson – Saks Poulton
Katey Smith – Saks Teesside
Amy Barrett and Hannah Forbes – Saks Yarm
Beth Duggan – Saks York

Saks stylists hair look

Couture Princesses. : “Under the sea…”


Led by Saks Beauty Squad member Hollie Simpson (also owner of Saks Beauty Teesside), an exciting team of emerging Saks UK makeup artists interpreted makeup for the shows. Big love for our amazing MUAs:

Carly Skelton – Saks Scarborough
Amy Dolphin and Stevie Jo Sargesson – Saks Bishop Auckland

With Pierre Rene Professional

With Pierre Rene Professional


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