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The 2022 season may be the busiest in a long time for weddings and glitzy occasions – hurrah. If you’re a bride counting down to saying ‘right on’ or if you’ve saved celebratory dates and fancy me-time treats, here’s a roundup of most wanted beauty choices at Saks. Because it’s always great to make an entrance, right?


Claire Denyer, salon owner at Saks Kings Hill, says: “You’ve probably chosen to wear something more revealing than usual so pay attention to your neck, décolletage and back. Gentle body brushing at home is great for exfoliation, followed with a nourishing moisturiser for suppleness.

I’d say Decléor’s Comforting Body Milk with Neroli essential oil, vitamin E and Macadamia is great for hydration and luminosity.  And in-salon a full body massage is always good for resetting the soul – plan one in as a deluxe treat.”

Decleor Neroli Bigarade at Saks

Claire’s fave

Claire continues: “Pristine nails are a must – especially for cake-cutting and toasting pics. Regular manicures keep your nails in tip-top condition, and help your colour last longer. And matching mani and pedi gels add a sophisticated touch.”

Wedding nails at Saks West Bridgford

Ice and a pop of pink


If you want to remove hair on legs, arms, underarms, and your bikini line, we have waxing experts in every Saks Beauty salon.

Claire says “Waxing’s fast, hygienic and lasts far longer than a close shave. When done regularly, with a good care package – exfoliation and moisturising – hair grows back sparser. Chat to your therapist about getting into a routine that works for you.”

Rejuvenate Date at Saks

Set your rejuvenate date with Saks


The Saks Beauty menu is packed with glam options to accentuate the eyes. From party lashes and extensions to LVL Lashes which last 6-8 weeks and a brow shape to fluffy and laminated options. ‘Brows‘ your Saks Beauty salon’s menu. Sorry. Had to be said.

Michelle – Brows, lashes, makeup, nails, hair… check


Claire says: “Check in on your  regimen – include cleansing, toning and moisturising plus exfoliating to suit your skin. Ideally opt for a course of skin-specific facials but don’t try something new just beforehand – some advanced treatments may have some downtime for a short while afterwards. Feeling a bit frazzled may also affect your skin. Whether you’re wanting to tackle a problem or seeking skin rejuvenation your first stop is to book a consultation and we’ll prescribe from there.”

Michelle Johal of Saks West Bridgford continues: “Absolutely what Claire says. And for brides with lots to organise I’d say do make time to relax – in-salon and your at-home relaxing rituals. Stress affects the immune system which can cause flare-ups.”

Decleor facial at Saks Guisborough

Time-out at Saks Guisborough


Natalie Jenkins at Saks Leeds City says: “Regardless of if you’ve got some upcoming plans or not, I’d say assess your diet and introduce more health-enhancing ingredients. We love a daily smoothie. Try our Green Goddess recipe. For starters.”

10 chunks of pineapple – improves gut health as digestion can get sluggish especially during hormone changes
Handful of fresh spinach – full of iron – no words needed here
1 Banana – for slow-release carbs for extra energy
Half an avocado – higher in calories than other fruit and veg avocado can help regulate appetite with its fibre content.  Also fab for your skin
2 tablespoons of almond butter – high levels of Vitamin E, an antioxidant which helps with anti-ageing
1 teaspoon of maca powder – also known as Peruvian ginseng. May lift mood, relieve symptoms of the menopause boost energy levels, and improve memory.
Water – we all know we should drink more water!

Blitz the lot – chin chin!


Whatever your occasion, our therapists love to connect, appreciate and rejuvenate, serving up beauty that’s 100% good for you. Find your salon and see what’s on their menu here.

Blog header pic: salon owner Michelle at Saks West Bridgford with hubster Jay,


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