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Hands in the air if you love savouring the thought of upcoming occasions. If so, dial it up with Saks. From weddings and proms to beach clubs and festivals – pre-event hair consideration adds excitement to the buildup of the day. And now’s perfect timing for Saks Artist Sarah Clarke-Lees and our Creative Director Luke Pluckrose to share trends, tips and how-to styling for SS22.


Versatile braid styles adorn the heads of boho brides and chic festival-goers through to the closing parties. Luke says: “Braiding’s easy to do and the outcome depends on the length of your hair – don’t be afraid to play.

“For the UpDo Twist, start at the temples, gathering a good amount of hair at each side, plait it loosely around the nape and pin it into place. Then take the rest of your hair underneath and work it into a loose low bun – knot it loosely if it’s long enough – and secure into place under your braid. For extra-strong use L’Oréal Tecni.Art Fix Design.”

Watch as Luke shows how to make this look your own…



For those who’re lucky enough to have naturally curly or wavy hair, there are lots of tricks of the trade to keeping it in tiptop condition. Sarah’s fab four tips are here…

– Try a microfibre towel to avoid cuticles being ruffled or wrap hair in a turban or teeshirt if you have time.

– Use a good wide tooth comb rather than a brush.

– Avoid over-drying and do use a diffuser – get it 90% dry and then let it finish drying naturally – give plenty of time to achieve your look.

– Wear a satin bonnet or turban at night to for a smoother start to the day.


Dropping at a Saks salon near you… L’Oréal  Professionnel’s new Curl Expression range – for loose curls, tight curls and coils. Professional hydration, definition and faster drying time too. We’re working it already.

Curl Expression from L'Oreal - available at Saks

It’s a yes from Saks


Sarah says: “We always advise our brides to book colour the week before this give it time to settle and for any light staining to go. Don’t worry, colour won’t grow out enough in a week to be noticeable. Alternatively, opting for a clear gloss beforehand to ensure you’ve maxed up the camera-ready shine.”

Note to self… your colour journey may take more than one appointment so come in for your consultation in good time and we’ll take it from there.


Sarah continues: “Still talking weddings. Hair usually grows half an inch every 6-8 weeks so if you want to add length to achieve your updo or volume and cascading waves, remember that even if you’re growing your hair, you’ll still need to come in for regular trims to take care of split ends, keep shape and revive bounce.

Bridal hair and makeup at Saks West Bridgford

Beautiful bridal style – Claire at Saks West Bridgford

“If you’re thinking about extensions, we have quality options – some you can take out whenever you’re ready and others will take you to the end of your honeymoon. Book in for a consultation as extensions come with things to do – we’ll make sure they don’t affect your honeymoon plans.”


A nourishing treatment is a) a wedding day must-have and b) always good for the head! As well as the relaxing effects of a firm massage, we’ll make sure your hair is packed full of moisture to protect it from the effects of heated styling. And hair doesn’t always need a protein repair as overloading can make it brittle. Just let us know your plans and your Saks stylist will assess and prescribe nourishment for you.”


Sarah says: “In good news our obsession with 70s styling shows no sign of slowing down. I love L’Oréal Tecni.Art’s Rebel Push-Up mousse if you’re wanting to enhance natural waves or achieve a beachy matte finish on shorter shag variations and encourage further shape if you’re naturally straight. Check this flattering look from our salon owner Bex at Saks Doncaster, showcasing the versatility of the modern-day shag.”


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