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We’re living the dream at the moment, and oh, how we love it! Our Hexham hair salon team were thrilled to win another fantastic prize – this time from L’Oréal Loft 2022 – a course provided by L’Oréal Professionnel which aims to help us improve every area of our salon’s business.

Every month for a year, we attended the Loft course alongside our fellow Saks salons, taking part in different challenges as well as demonstrating the business side of the salon. And as we were named the salon to show the most improvement, we won a £2,000 holiday voucher.

Taking part required a huge amount of work from the whole team, so you can imagine our response when we heard the news…

Next up – we had to decide where we wanted to go. We must have spent all of 30 seconds deciding. A unanimous vote for Ibiza was agreed, and off we flew.

Our Apprentice Jodie and Salon Director Emma (who are Ibiza regulars) took the lead in deciding which what we did and where we went. So our entire team spent the next three days living life to the max.


Pegs! That’s right – pegs. Bear with us… So when we touched down, we gave everyone a peg to wear AT. ALL. TIMES. And if anyone was caught without their peg, they had to do a forfeit.

Staying in the heart of San Antonio, naturally Café Mambo, Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks pool parties just have to be on our best bits list. Coupled with lots of dancing, drinking, fun, laughter and general stupidity. Naturally.


Our Principal Stylist and Salon Manager Shannon, says “What a fabulous way to recognise everyone’s hard work. The whole team had a blast. Thank you so much L’Oréal Professionnel. Let’s hope it becomes an annual thing!”

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