Stacey’s win for Doncaster salon

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And the winner of Styling Image in the Saks Awards 2021 is… our very own, super-creative Stacey. A massive thanks for representing Donny and find out what makes Stacey tick with a quick Q&A…

When did your Saks journey start, Stacey?
Back when I was 17 and started at Saks Doncaster as an apprentice and I worked my way up to senior stylist. Love it.

Name a hair icon and say why…
Michelle Keegan. She’s a natural beauty and can pull off any hair colour and hair style. Very healthy hair.

Guilty pleasure
Great British Bake Off. I love everything about it. I actually love baking as well.

Favourite Box set is
Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. I never get tired of watching them, especially when err ‘very tired’ after a night out.

Dog person for sure. I have two – Pip (Border Collie) and Bayley (Sheltie) – and yes they definitely get treated and pampered.

Fave food is… Italian food!

Playlist is…old school R&B.

You’ve worked backstage with our creative director Luke Pluckrose. Info please. Last time was Graduate Fashion Week in London and I’ve also assisted on a music video. When I was on the Saks A-TEAM 2019 creative training programme. I also did a couple of shoots. So good to get backstage and learn the tricks of the trade.

Sum up what you learn from Luke?
He’s so good at teaching. Shares lots of different techniques and ways of styling the hair. He doesn’t mind if you ask questions; he loves them! I always come away feeling like I’ve learnt a lot. Check out his Instagram – insane.

Half an hour of me-time, whaddya do?
I head to the gym or go see my friends.

Night in or night out
To be fair I enjoy both BUT I do love a night out to have fun with the girls, letting our hair down and having catchups and drinks.

I love Saks because... it’s an amazing platform for good opportunities. Our brand is all about making every customer feel special. We’re all into that.


You’ll find Stacey and the rest of our award-winning hair team at 7 High Street in town. Call to book and head over to our Instagram for loads of hair inspo right out of our salon.

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