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We were thrilled to welcome our very special Sophia back into our salon. Find out why with this fun Q&A with the girl herself…

Sophia, you started out with us at our Saks salon in Northallerton on a Saturday at 14. From school to sixth form to uni… and back to Saks. Tell us your story.

I’ve always had a love for hairdressing, My dad owned a salon where I spent a lot of time watching him cut hair and I would make the teas and coffees for clients! When I was 14 I applied to Katie for a job at Saks in Northallerton and I worked Saturdays until I went to university to study Psychology.

We waved you off, wished you well and we missed you! But you realised it wasn’t for you. Well done for doing something about it – when you know, you know, right! What led you back to your Saks fam?

After my second term I came home and popped into the salon just to say hello. It was shortly after this that I had a lightbulb moment – I realised hairdressing was what I wanted to do for sure. I chatted to Katie and then packed up my studies and came back to Saks as a hair apprentice. So pleased to be here again!

What do you love most about a career in hairdressing?

The opportunity to be creative at work – every day, every time – which you don’t always get to do in other jobs!

A fave hair icon and why?

I love Miley Cyrus as she isn’t afraid to try new styles – especially how she channels the shag haircut!

Half an hour of me-time… what do you do?

I love to go out with my friends in town or to go bowling, but I also love chilling at home with a good film.

A hairstyle can’t wait to create…

A half hairup style with beachy waves for a festival!

Complete the sentence – I love Saks because…

We are a really good team with big personalities, we all look out for each-other and everyone is good fun to work with!

Pop into the salon any time. We’d love to invite you in for your special hair service. Give us a buzz on 01609 770 885 or book an appointment online.

See you soon, love Saks x


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