Saks Chester-Le-Street at LCT23

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The Colour Trophy Grand Final 2023 was INCREDIBLE. Two familiar Saks faces made it to the Battersea Evolution for the final. Our Chester-Le-Street hair salon director, Becky and creative director, Zoey made it through. Our salon has been regional finalists a whopping six times and national finalists once in the past, so we were thrilled when we were invited to the final! Saks’ creative director Luke Pluckrose also showcased the endless possibilities of hairdressing in his headline ‘Limitless’ show.

We caught up with Becky and Zoey for the low-down and all the backstage gossip (naturally)…

So, you’re both L’Oréal Colour Trophy finalists, congratulations! How do you feel about that?

Zoey: “I still can’t quite believe I was a grand finalist in such a large competition. It’s such a massive achievement and I loved every minute of it! Such an experience.”

Becky: “I feel the same. It’s one of the biggest achievements of my career so far. Having your work noticed by one of the longest-running hairdressing competitions in the world makes me so proud.”

We loved both your looks, talk us through them – what was your inspiration?

Zoey: “For my final look I wanted to create a hair style that was made not just for the catwalk, but for every day. I went for a peekaboo vibrant red contrasted with a gloss black to give a bit of a rock chic vibe.”

Becky:  I just knew that I wanted to create something different but also with a classic vibe. I decided to go for a soft pink colour but kept the cut classic with a bob to finish.”

And we have to ask! what did you think about Luke’s ‘Limitless’ show?

Zoey: “Luke’s show was just incredible, as always. He’s such an inspiration to every hairdresser, the collection was amazing!”

Becky: “Luke is by far one of the best in the industry, there isn’t a look he can’t style. His show was next level. The name definitely fit what was on the stage, the skills that everyone used to create the looks really were top level.”


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