Saks A-Team 2018 YOU DID US PROUD!

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In 2018, Saks’ advanced hair training programme saw stylists from Saks salons as far flung as Aberdeenshire and Kent downing salon tools to join a series of seriously creative sessions with Saks Art Team. The final flourish being putting together one helluva final collection.

Word from Clare of Saks Art Team

Clare Murphy says: “Our stylists want a part of A-Team because they all share one love and that’s avant garde hairdressing! Being in the team gives the opportunity to be completely creative. That’s making something very different from concepts to getting that final shot at the end.

Clare continues: ”I guided them through working with wigs covering conveying ideas on mood boards and the impact it can have in planning and preparing looks. On shoot day they’d all cut and coloured their wigs beforehand and they dressed them on the day. The results are these amazing images; we’re all very pleased!”

Sarah Clarke-Lees says: “This year’s colour sessions were messy, creative and fun. And most importantly gave them the opportunity to try things that they wouldn’t typically do in the salon. The group gelled SO well as a team and created beautiful looks. It’s a great way to connect with – and make mates – from other Saks salons.

Saks A-Team 2018 final collection:

Who did what, why and hair inspo here…

“Hello Angels” – strong women of the 70s celebrated by Izzy at Saks Doncaster.

Alice from Saks Northallerton says: “For inspo I looked to Pop Art – Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein – turned out very Clockwork Orange!”

A 70s sci-fi/Purdey reboot from Natalie of Saks Lytham who says: “The process of auditioning and being part of Saks A-Team 2018 gave me confidence to audition for *and become* a L’Oreal ID Artist!”

Siren style for Sy of Saks Bishop Auckland, who was initially inspired by a photo of his mate’s mum.

Sammie of Saks Kings Hill says: “I went for an editorial look, inspired by Kate Moss and her style. I never imagined working with A-Team so early on in my career but it has given me confidence in so many different ways and left me wanting to work towards more big Saks adventures!”

Zander of Saks Aberdeen Union Square says: “I was influenced by Aztec and animal prints – both big trends on the runways. I used vibrant contrasting colour and makeup was bold to create a mask-like look.”

Joan of Arc and medieval armour were the origins of the look from Estelle of Saks Knutsford who says “I wanted the hair to look like a wearable helmet.”

Izzy Brittain says: “My second look was inspired by Luke’s Material World collection. I wanted to use all the skills I’d learnt throughout the year – versatility of wig making, so I made this one out of wool. I definitely recommend A-Team to other Saks stylists – it’s built my confidence up massively and has given me backstage opportunities I’ll never forget. Bring on some more!”

Sarah, Clare and our creatives: banter is real

Bravo AGAIN team:

Zander Carnegie – Saks Aberdeen
Sy Boucher – Saks Bishop Auckland
Izzy Brittain – Saks Doncaster
Alice Fleming – Saks Northallerton
Sammie Bayliss – Saks Kings Hill
Estelle – Saks Knutsford
Natalie Tasker – Saks Lytham

Photography – Sonny McCartney
Makeup – Ria at Saks Kenilworth

Saks stylists… A-Team 2019 is now ON!

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