Nikki at Saks Chester bags a BHBA

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THIS! Despite a helluva challenging year we are *absolutely thrilled* that our brilliant salon owner Nicola Hughes at Saks Chester has been named Franchisee of the Year at HJ’s British Hairdressing Business Awards 2020. This being The One that gives massive kudos to a business owner who owns a superbly successful salon which is also part of a mother group.

Nikki Hughes at BHBAs

Nikki ‘on-stage’ with J-Lo and Joel Dommett


Nikki’s family-at-home is hubby Carl, daughters Cordelia and Penelope, the dog and two guineas. Around life being hectic, Nikki loves motorbikes and sidecars and has been on and in them since being a tot. Her fave holiday is a skiing holiday. A big recommend? We say hit the slopes for a post-40th celebration as soon as you can Nikki! When the fam relocated to Barbados in 2015 Nikki actually ran Saks Chester from there for a year and came home with a brand new Penelope too. Organised indeed!

Nikki and Claire at Saks Chester in bike ride for Great Ormond Street

On the road in 2010 with salon director Claire – aww our apprentice at the time!


Nikki says: “Winning Franchisee of the Year is actually overwhelming! At a very challenging time for our industry, it’s fantastic to be recognised as a salon and a brand to aspire to – hard work pays off! I couldn’t have achieved this without my family, my team and of course the gang at Saks HQ with all their support – they’ve been immense at navigating this pandemic for us as well as everything else.”

Nikki’s also bagged several Saks Awards over the years and been named finalist in previous BHBAs, Creative Head IT List, Sapphires and L’Oréal Colour Trophy loadsa times.


OK Girl Boss – give us your number one tip for small business owners out there:
Our world is constantly changing, more so at the minute. Don’t be afraid to change. Embrace it and be at the front of it. If you’re happy to evolve it’ll help you to stay in control and succeed.

Around all the biz-brain stuff… that thing you love most about being on the tools?
Being with my customers, creating beautiful hair and making them feel special – sounds cheesy but it is so true!

Can’t not ask. All-time hair icon?
Charlize Theron. Amazing actress and true chameleon. Her hair changes depending on the roles she plays. Diverse personas but she always rocks it. To me she represents how hair is such a big part of our identities. And that’s exactly why us hairdressers love doing what we do.

Half an hour of me-time – like when that happens – tell us what you do?
Sit in the hot tub with a nice, large gin and tonic and just chill! 😂

We know you love ‘em – a message for your team?
Claire, Jess, Gail, Sarah, Tia and Danielle – you are amazing! I love how we support each other. And that you’re all comfortable about sharing ideas and opinions and know that I care and will always listen. We have a shared goal to be better and we’re constantly pushing ourselves through training and reviews to achieve it. Can’t wait to get back at it with you all!

Most recent team pic, rocking Christmas and seasonal masks

You’re also passionate about our charity partnership with The Eve Appeal, tell us why?
Raising awareness for gynaecological cancers can make all the difference. Once we started the dialogue in salon about symptoms and getting checked out etc it was staggering to hear how many customers and friends have been touched by these women-only cancers. My ex-business partner was diagnosed a couple of years ago and without her I wouldn’t even be a salon owner. After she went through her treatment, I pledged to do my part – hence the 24 hours of hairdressing, sponsored silence and the team Tough Mudder challenge.

At time of print team-Chester has raised £3,455 of our £180,000 contribution to Eve.


Nikki also loves the bright lights and has jetted out (scratch that – motored out) to assist our creative director Luke Pluckrose at London Fashion Week, The Clothes Show and the BAFTAS over the years.

Nikki of Saks backstage at Hong Kong Fashion Week 2020

Rocking Fashion Week


If you’re in Cheshire you’ll find the BHBA Franchisee of the Year and our creative hair team at 19A Upper Northgate Street, Chester. Call 01244 341 212 or visit Saks Chester.

All the ingredients for salon-success? RIGHT. HERE. Enjoy this time, Nikki. Saks salutes you and the gang. xx

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