Jessica on Saks A-Team 2019

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She’s been with our Saks Hexham salon from the beginning of her career. We’ve seen her transform through her hair training days into a fantastic stylist. And if that wasn’t all, she’s only gone and made the cut for Saks’ prestigious Saks A-Team 2019. Go Jessica!

Coupled with her flare for hairdressing, Jessica has a passion for photography. So she’s just perfect for the A-Team, as she’ll get to attend photo shoots, explore her creative side, showcase funky hairstyles – all whilst having a whole load of fun. Cool huh?

Jessica decided to join the A-Team to broaden her hairdressing knowledge and explore all the other areas the hair industry has to offer.


She says “It showed me there’s so much more to hairdressing than salon life. My boss, Andrea, wanted to push my creativity as she knew I loved to flex my artistic muscles, so she put me forward to represent Saks Hexham in the A-Team.”

She continues “I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, as it’s a tough interview process, which was very daunting! So one of the most exciting parts was getting through the interview and securing my place on the team! I’m so excited to spend 2020 working with an inspiring group of stylists to create some fantastic images”.

We’re all so excited that Jessica’s involved in the A-Team. We can’t wait for her to show us everything she learns along the way. Jessica always shows us her new techniques and she’s even going to train the rest of the girls in her know-how!

Jessica adds “My customers enjoy hearing about the A-Team too and they love getting the latest goss on all the sessions I attend. It helps inspire my customers and give them a bit of added extra confidence in my ability, as well as getting them more involved in our wonderful world of hair.”

The A-Team sessions help Jessica to push herself out of her comfort zone, and she’s so proud of her accomplishments. Just look at her stunning pictures to prove it. Go Jessica!

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