Styling for Paloma in X Factor Lives

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Styling with a difference by Saks Art Team this time in the X Factor lives. For Paloma’s pitch-perfect performance of new single ‘Guilty’, we were tasked with creating super-smooth Humanoid heads for the super-talented futuristic-feel orchestra. That Giles Deacon dress by the way!

Paloma with Humaniods orchestra styled by Saks

Full cast // Pic: Paloma Instagram

#Saks_UK Creative Director, Luke Pluckrose, is no stranger backstage at the UK’s biggest music talent contest. This time he was accompanied by right hand woman Clare Murphy. Know Luke and Clare, know they’re all about empowering creative stylists from our salons across the UK to get involved too.

Luke says: “This gig was all about the art of wig wrapping and creating the perfect head shape with latex caps. Cotton wool and clingfilm are involved – it’s complex! Being part of Saks UK means we have creative stylists all over the country who’re wanting to delve into avant garde hair”

Saks Art Team assisted by:
Hannah Matthews of Saks Cheshire Oaks
Mary Yeomans of Saks Kings Hill
Ashleigh Mortimer of Saks York

Hannah, Mary and Ashleigh are all members of Saks A-Team 2017. It’s our year-long creative hair training programme which we run to give our stylists the chance to head out of town to the big lights assisting Saks Art Team at shoots and shows. Stellar opportunities every year.

Luke Pluckrose and Saks A Team 2017

Saks A Team 2017

Mary says: “So I got to spend the day working backstage at X Factor – UNREAL! It was an intricate and precise art to make the hair smooth enough to fit under the caps, there was no room for error and tricky with a variety of hair types. SO rewarding to see our work live onstage knowing how much effort was put in. I loved the whole experience and learning how it all works – can’t wait for more amazing opportunities with Saks!”

Saks Art Team backstage at X Factor

We say Mary, Hannah and Ashleigh you did us proud

Watch Paloma’s stunning performance here:

Paloma Faith sings Guilty at X Factor

Pitch perfect Paloma


X Factor head stylist, Karl Willett, is part of the #SAKSFAM, having styled clothing on our All That And More brand campaign 2017. For 2018 we were lucky enough to nab him again… and we can’t wait to show you the stunning looks on 2nd January…

Karl Willett styling for Saks 2018 brand campaign

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