Expert Customer Focused Training

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At our Saks salon at Sedbury Hall, we love nothing more than getting our hands on expert customer focused training. After all, we’re the best because we’re trained by professionals.

That’s why we decided to get together with a couple of our sister Saks salons, so the teams from Hexham and South Shields came to our salon at Sedbury Hall for another exciting training session. This time focusing on our customer’s journey through the salon.

Our training was carried out by hair industry training specialist, Julie Eldrett Consulting, who used to work for Saks year ago, delivering the highest standard of customer service training, before expanding her expertise into developing her own consultancy, delivering courses all around the world. But as her roots have always remained strong to Saks, Julie loves to come back home and work with the Saks brand and our team whenever she can.


And as always, we were bowled over by her knowledge. Our salon owner, Anna says “We had a great day training, we’re all about providing the best for our customers at Saks and it’s always good to get fresh ideas and reminders of how we can improve our experience. It’s great for all the team and is always motivational and inspiring, and it’s good fun too”.

Anna continues “We learned more about ourselves as people, and how our brain works – all very interesting indeed! And how to understand and interact with our customers, and how to carry out in-depth consultations – this being the key part for us as a salon. We also watched a short film which explained how everyone has a personal side to them that we as professionals don’t always see. And how often a customer can be fighting a personal challenge. So we should always bear this in mind whenever see welcome our customers into the salon”.


Then it was time for us to share ideas on how we could add value to our customer’s in-salon experience by solving their problems in any way we can. Whether it’s listening to their worries for that day, or just lending them an umbrella if it’s raining outside. Those added extras to make each of our customers feel special make all the difference.

Since completing the training, we’ve updated our consultation policies, and we’re making sure we’re always sitting down face to face with our customers, to give that added extra personal touch.

It’s all about the little things to make our customers feel special. And that’s exactly what we like to do.

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