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What’s your narrative for 2020? No ‘new year, new you’ messaging here. We simply say BRING IT – a new decade is good for the soul. Think about what you want, create a couple of realistic goals, nurture yourself and *ultimately* carry on being you. Our hair and beauty experts comment on what’s popular at Saks at this time of year…


Luke Pluckrose, creative director, says: “In the winter months you really should check-in on your hair-health. We recommend a maintenance cut and some nourishment post party-season as your hair may have gone the distance with styling tools and product overload.”



On colour, Sarah Clarke-Lees of Saks Art Team says “Balayage is the hand-painted colour phenomenon that’s become a classic at Saks. Shonali’s hair has a very subtle hue – works beautifully on lustrous brunette tones. We’re getting more and more requests to go bolder and brighter for a more defined face-frames. This technique is low maintenance and very versatile. It lasts up to 12 weeks – great for the purse-strings at this time of year. Make sure you book in for a refreshing toner at six weeks also; to keep it tip-top.


Brilliant backwash treatments for you to consider next time you’re in. Don’t be overwhelmed on what to choose, our stylists will chat it through.

Smartbond is L’Oréal Professionnel’s strengthening service which can be added during your colour appointment to protect your tresses.

Kerastase K Water – perfect for when time’s precious. Recently launched, this in-salon treat works wonders quickly transforming the feel and texture of your hair… and that shine though!

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamio Colour Acidic Sealer – restores hairs natural ph and closes cuticle helping to lock colour and bounce to give ultimate shine.


Luke says: “Choose ghd’s Soft Curve Tong to create big, loose waves on longer hair with lots of volume like our Bring It look. Your Saks stylist will be happy to show you how to achieve your own look at home – very easy to work with.”


Saks Beauty Squad members chat on favoured treatments and products from our Face, Body and Glam menus…


They say: “Assess your stress! It comes to us all and it can cause muscles to tighten. Lots of customers complain of headaches, aches and pains at this time of year and coping mechanisms can make all the difference.

Our massage menu is hugely popular in January. Deep tissue manipulation, zoning out with the powerful elixir of essential oils or invigorating detox to boost circulation – we chat it through first to gain a deeper understanding if you are feeling overwhelmed and maximise your time when you’re in. PS the ultimate treat is Sensory Heaven; our extended face and full-body massage combo – ask your salon as we usually run fabulous offers at this time of year!

“When it all gets a bit much, I run a bath and light a candle. I love De-Stress by Scentered. Door locked. Phone off. The world can wait. Breathe deep and let distracting thoughts float away. I also pop the balm in my bag for pulse points on the go.


Kirsty Jewson says: “We’re delighted to offer 3D-lipo – one of the most in-demand non-surgical body contouring treatments on the market. 3D-Lipo combines several different technologies to hone on your main concern, eg skin tightening and cellulite and fat reduction. The treatments are comfortable with no downtime – best results are always seen when combined with healthy eating and exercise of course! No fat-shaming by the way; we introduced this treatment in response to our customers’ requests. We’re proud to offer next-generation non-invasive treatments to help, if something’s bothering you.”


“See in the new decade with brows on point. We wax, thread, tweeze and trim your brows into your desired shape and equally important give you fab after care advice too eg DO NOT pluck at home! Do the math – tweezing between treatments, let’s say 2-3 a day: that’s at least 166 brow hairs you’re removing every time girls – a pointless exercise!”

“We love Nouveau’s Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum to tame and boost growth and it also acts as a great primer for your other brow products – available at Saks.”

Our stylists and therapists look forward to welcoming you in – find your Saks salon here and get in touch to book a free consultation.

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