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Obsessed with ageing positively? We hear you, because we are too. At our Saks hair & beauty salon at Sedbury Hall near Richmond, we’re all about beauty, ageing positively and feeling your very best. Although we can’t control ageing, we can control our lifestyle, diet and how we look after our skin. That’s where we come in, because Saks beauty therapists are experts, offering the very best in beauty.

So, what do we offer? Amongst our many beauty treatments, we just love using Caci Synergy, as it provides the latest, more advanced micro-current facial, combined with LED technology. Sound complicated? To translate – it can reduce wrinkles by a whopping 75% and improve your skin’s elasticity by a massive 88%. Now we’re talking your language!


Caci’s LED red light improves skin’s cellular function which revitalises dull, ageing skin, boosting collagen and improving firmness. And not only does this sophisticated machine provide red light, it also provides LED blue light, which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, great for anyone looking to treat breakouts and rosacea.



Beauty Manager, Sue says “Caci not only treats the skin of today, but customers’ skin of tomorrow too. They see more visible, longer-lasting results. At 25+ our skin starts to lose collagen and elasticity. In our 30’s cell turnover slows down and collagen, elastin and hyaluronic in the skin decreases by 10-20%. In our 40’s the skin loses firmness, volume and elasticity and in our 50’s more pronounced lines, wrinkles and sun damage can appear.”


– Prevention is the name of the game. So getting a regular in-salon facial is key. This combined with our expert skincare advice and prescribed homecare products, will help to slow the signs of ageing.

– Don’t forget leading a healthy lifestyle, eating all the good stuff (foods rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, selenium & zinc) and always using a broad spectrum SPF is key to preventing premature ageing too.

– Avoid strong aggressive at home products which compromise the skin’s barrier and exacerbate ageing. In-salon treatments are specific to your needs and are used in a controlled environment to leave your skin happy and glowing.



To get your very own Caci course, for further beauty advice, or to receive a consultation, give us a call on 01748 850 101 or book online.

Love Saks x

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