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I LOVE my job marketing for Saks. I talk about hair and beauty ALL day… what’s not to like! But I rarely get me-time in our salons so I grabbed the chance when the call was put out to test our new Skin Challenge.


This 40-something is challenged with puffy eyes and fine lines so it’s a perfect chance to get nurturing my number one asset.

Kirsty Jewson and Vicky Franks

Accepting the Challenge from the Saks Beauty Expert, Kirsty Jewson


The Saks Skin Challenge is our skin treatment programme promising a visible difference in 21 days. It’s devised by our beauty experts to combat breakouts, redness, uneven skin tone and ageing. I’m promised not one, not two but three facials plus hero products to use at home AND lifestyle advice too… all for £150. Like.

Starter pack and money back guarantee stamp

DAY 1: First appointment at Saks Hair & Beauty Northallerton for consultation with therapist, Chelsea Ward, who takes a good look at my skin. We chatted about my general(ly naughty) habits. Think coffee and TV instead of green tea and exercise, chocolate, more coffee, go on let’s have a glass of wine. Hmmm, my ‘little and not too often’ mantra is more ‘quite a bit quite often, thank you very much’!

beauty bed and beauty therapist

When can I move in? Therapist Chelsea knows her stuff!

Chelsea knows her stuff and gave some great health tips to help boost my skin from within (see Healthy Shopping below) She’s friendly and enthusiastic about the Challenge too. It’s great to see that she believes in this thing.

I’m prescribed a Be Ageless Med Facial. Chelsea advises: ‘it’s loaded with anti-ageing peptides and potent antioxidants to turn back the clock on lines and wrinkles’. Happy to lie back and think of England, oops Saks.

I’m given the Ageless starter pack with four key CosMedix products to use in conjunction with my treatments. This beauty-junkie loves goodies and as the pack is worth £86 alone I’m already getting the amazing value-for-money vibe.


Time to up the ante with omegas and antioxidants. Googled and Red Krill Oil sure is the one to beat, as advised at my consultation. Stocked up and treated myself to Acai Berry juice. Apparently Kate Moss has been known to quaff this supplement. I’m in. Drinking more water is a no-brainer and a herbal teas are now positioned beside the kettle.

I promised to channel the Challenge for 21 days and I’m loving that it’s all about me!

Hand holding healthy drink, herball tea and pot of cream

Banana and spinach smoothie… and enjoying British summertime with Hydrate+


Surprise phone call from Chelsea on Day 7, checking on my progress and reminding me to take omegas and put antioxidents on the weekly shopping list. Unexpected surprise to keep me on track. My hand wasn’t even in the biscuit tin when she rang!

Back for second Be Ageless Med facial. Catch up about what I’ve been up to.

Can’t wait for third treatment. This time I’m given a Blueberry Smoothie facial. Chelsea advises: “it’s part lactic acid exfoliation, part manual scrub, and this particularl treatment exfoliates the skin to reveal a youthful glow without irritation’. Could get used to being a pampered Saks client!

Zoned-out whilst Chelsea did her stuff. OMG best facial EVER!

Rushed home to scrutinise the visage and I’m impressed at the pinkness of my complexion. Darkness and puffiness under eyes is massively reduced too and skin is even toned.

The husband asked me if I’d had my hair done so must have looked good!



From a haphazard mixture of mixing brands and bundle-buying, I’ve invested in CosMedix and my skincare routine is now 100% sodium lauryl sulphate and paraben-free with each product working in synergy with the rest.

MORNING: Benefit Clean cleanser, Hydrate+ SPF 15 broad spectrum moisturiser
EVENING: Refine serum, Phytoharmony moisturiser

These products work perfectly in synergy with mineral makeup… I’m booking in for my Youngblood mineral makeover next!

Woman with makeup on

Three weeks on: still feeling sparkly




























Taking the Challenge reminds me that I am what I eat. To up the good work I’m taking Omegas and Vitamin D most days and sprinkle flax seed into breakfast cereal and bolognaise – tres versatile!

The weekly shop is greener and the family is adapting to curly kale in most dishes…raised eyebrows occasionally, it has to be said. AND as I ain’t no gym bunny, I now jog every now and again… for up to 19 minutes at a time!

Our Beauty Expert, Kirsty Jewson, is a big believer in the 80/20 rule. Treat your body like a temple 80% of the time and being a bit naughty 20% of the time won’t do any harm. So I’m aiming for 70/30 from now on!

I have so enjoyed practicing what we preach. Wonder if I could don a disguise and test it again? xx

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