Up Close and Personal show

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Up Close and Personal is the Saks Art Team’s chance to showcase their creativity to the Saks salon network. This year’s events, held throughout October were a FABULOUS success.

With all our Saks people attending the evenings, the Art Team treated them to a no-holds-barred insight into what makes them tick.

Alison Dace, Creative Director, and Art Team members, Tom Berry and Luke Pluckrose, each presented individual collections. With three themes – African Tribal, London Architecture and Riots – the team went to town creatively to engage, motivate and inspire Saks people who had traveled from all around the UK.

Alison says: “It was so energising to have no boundaries and work on this one as individuals. All three of us totally enjoyed taking our consumer heads off!”

Alison sought inspiration in the vast beauty of Africa and in celebration of African women. Her in-depth research ultimately led her to channel authentic crotchet and knitting techniques into tactile hair looks.

Tom Berry. London Architecture.

Tom Berry Art Team Up Close and Personal

Pic: colours inspired by the London skyline.

Tom presented cuts and colours inspired by the landscape of our capital city that he takes in on his journey to Saks Academies in Covent Garden every day. With his moodboards featuring the myriad of pink and purple reflections from the Gherkin, the grey tones of the Shard and the structure of Millennium Bridge Tom’s looks had a distinctly editorial feel.

Luke Pluckrose. Riots.

Hair hoodie

Pic: Luke’s hair hoody

Luke based his looks on the anarchy of the rioter with an edgy, confrontational feel. Models ranged from a grungy wet-look with plaits to a shiny blue-black graduated bob representing a policeman’s helmet. The Pièce de résistance was a sinister hoody made of synthetic hair (taking weeks to make) revealing a beautiful woman underneath.

Saks Art Team Up Close and Personal

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