Tom Boy and Yummy Mummy

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Change your hair to match your mood! That’s the ethos behind our gorgeous Woman collection, in celebration of 40 years of Saks. And how much do we LOVE these two oh-so-versatile short hair looks…

Nurturing the kids, ticking the boxes in your day-job and caring about the world all come naturally to Yummy Mummy; a flattering, texturised crop for a look that is oh-so-touchable… the mother of all styles.

Yummy Mummy from Woman at Saks

After a flattering, texturised crop… think Yummy Mummy

And Tomboy’s perfect for minimalists with street-style. Loved by models the world-over, you’re in rocking company. Not trying too hard, you team a soft teddy-boy quiff with a stroke of eyeliner, flick of mascara and laid-back style. Good to go.

Alison Dace, Creative Director at Saks, says: “Lots of gorgeous A-listers like Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence are rocking quiffs this season and our TOMBOY look fuses street-cred with a feminine touch.

Alison continues: “It’s a fresh, much softer approach to a great heritage style and it’s very wearable for today’s woman. The best thing? Transforming from the unfussy YUMMY MUMMY crop to rocking the TOMBOY look is so easy to do!”


  1. Blast dry the shorter hair underneath to its natural fall. Apply L’Oréal Wild Stylers, Scruff Me to the longer hair on top to add guts to your TOMBOY look and hold its shape.
  2. Use a Saksessories Cushion Brush to blow-dry the hair towards the ceiling at the sides
    and back, lifting the hair at the roots.
  3. When the roots are dry and lifted, use the Saksessories 43mm Curling Brush to blow-dry
    hair into the centre, on the top and on both sides.
  4. When both sides have been curled into the centre top, use your fingers to distress the
    quiff shape into a more casual TOMBOY look.
  5. Use L’Oréal Playball Working Gum through the mid-lengths and ends and add L’Oréal Fresh
    Dust to the roots for a lived-in look.

Book in at your Saks salon and ask your stylist to show you how to create these gorgeous looks. Our stylists all around the UK are expertly trained by Alison and our superstar Saks Art Team.

Who are you today?

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