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It’s what our customers have come to expect, and its what we do best. What’s that? Making them feel super special of course!

So we thought, this Halloween, the gals at the salon would not only make the grown-ups feel the warmth of our top notch salon, we’d bring joy to all the kiddies of Knutsford too, by taking part in the town’s annual pumpkin path, where a whopping 3,000 Halloween hungry children march the streets around the town’s top businesses to surprise them with their scariest Halloween trick or treats.

Paula, Estelle and Lily dressed to impress and made the salon super spooky with dazzling decorations and had tons of candy at the ready.

As each of the children entered the salon, waiting in anticipation, they were given a ball saying either ‘trick’ or ‘treat’. If they were lucky enough to be given a treat, they got yummy sweets, and if they picked a trick, they got yucky raisins or cheese (not too bad of a forfeit we don’t think!).

The best bit? Seeing a smile on every little face that came into see us. It truly made our day special. Spreading Halloween happiness – tick!

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