The Summer Lovin’ edit

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From laid-back and low-key to all-systems GO GIRL. Whatever your plans, here’s the absolute lowdown on hair and beauty for the season of fun, curated by our experts, Kirsty and Sarah.

Summer Lovin’ with Saks…

Protect your hair

Our colour guru, Sarah Clarke-Lees of Saks Art Team backs L’Oreal’s Serie Expert Solar Sublime range.

Sarah, who also works out of Saks Poulton, says: “For before, during and after sun exposure – suntan lotion and aftersun for hair! The shampoo removes chlorine, salt and sand, the masque restores moisture and the leave-in spray provides protection. All with a fresh, peachy smell – divine!”

Solar Sublime on display at Saks Aberdeen…

Signature Colours spotlight on Foilyage

For a refreshing colour reboot for summer, Sarah chooses Foilyage from our Saks Signature Colours techniques. Sarah says: “Foilyage is perfect if you’re coveting a soft, baby blonde or caramel tones. Very similar to Balayage with all the glamour of a full head of colour. Lighter pieces painted into your hair for delicate definition.”

On enhancing your colour

Sarah continues: “Book a refreshing toner between your colour appointments to undo any fade that may be caused by the sun. And Foilyage goes the distance, lasting up to 12 weeks with a refreshing toner recommended at 6 weeks.”

And Sarah’s say on strengthening: “When you’re in, your stylist will chat to you about adding L’Oreal Smartbond to your colour service to strengthen and protect your hair. We’ve so got your tresses covered!”

Kirsty on Summer Glam

Kirsty Jewson’s one of our beauty game-changers, having helped write the book on Saks Beauty and honed our Face, Body and Glam menus and now owns our multi award-winning Saks Beauty Northallerton.

Won’t venture outdoors without broad spectrum SPF, whatever the weather – we highly recommend you do the same!

Body brushing

On treating your skin at home Kirsty says: “Body brushing is tried and tested and it’s cheap and easy to do. Buffing daily gets your skin into better condition, removing dead skin and stimulating circulation to improve the appearance of cellulite. Do it before your shower and invest in a quality brush”

By the way – the Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush Brush lasts forever and has achieved iconic status at Saks. Cactus bristles work wonders.

Professional tanning

Created with the nourishing benefits of coral seaweed to replenish your skin’s natural minerals, Kissed by Mii at Saks makes for soft skin and a sun-kissed glow.

Kirsty says “professional tanning is also a great for blurring away blemishes, broken capillaries and cellulite; win-win.”

Glam spotlight on Lashes

For those who are naturally clever. LVL Lashes are the smart choice for the lash-obsessed in the summer season. Kirsty says: “We lengthen, volumise and lift your natural lashes so you don’t have to think twice for up to six weeks! Perfect if you’ve got other things on your mind – from Glasto to Cafe Mambo anyone?”

If you’re seeking a more dramatic effect we’ve got a whole lotta lash treatments to dial up the drama.

Saks loves Nouveau Lashes by the way. We think you know it already.

Brilliant before and after: LVL Lashes at Saks Beauty Guisborough.

So there you have it. A brilliant roundup of summer must-haves from those in the know.

Find your Saks salon and browse their menus here and why not download our handy LOVE SAKS app to book while your out and about? May your summers be good. xx