The Push Back… up-dos are ON

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For red-carpet readiness a messy chignon and a “haven’t tried, really” hair look adds A-lister style throughout party-season. Enter the Push Back… Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Kidman go stella rocking this look at all the best premiers and parties.

Luke Pluckrose, Saks UK’s creative director, says: “Enhance your up-do by adding elegant wisps around the hair line. Simply rub the palms of your hands gently around the hairline to loosen your hair slightly and spritz it into place.”

Saks stylists are OBSESSED with up-dos

Saks stylists are experts with up-dos!  Whatever your occasion… from chignon to top-knot, from braid-style to a modern beehive, we love getting our hands on your hair! Even better, we’ll teach you our tricks of the trade so you can create your own looks at home. Dream of beautiful braids for the little ones – got them covered too.

What we used

Secret ingredients that work wonders on this style…

L’Oréal Tecni.Art Pli
Absolute back-stage fave for adding instant root lift, shape, fix, grip and hold – think of it as foundation for hair!

Redken Heat Design 09
A blow dry gelée to control frizz and give lasting hold and fullness.

L’Oreal Wild Stylers Savage Panache
A micro-propelled dry touch powder spray helps achieve extreme volume and a dishevelled texturized effect.

Pop to Saks salons all over the place to pick up your L’Oreal and Redken essentials.

Up-dos at #Saks_UK

Got an occasion coming up where a gorgeous up-do will make all the difference to your vibe? To book in for a chat it’s here.

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