Saks rocks Clothes Show 2013

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When the call came through asking if we wanted to be Official Hair Partner for Clothes Show Live 2013, the answer was an emphatic “hell, yes”! What better way to celebrate a fantastic year at Saks than tending the tresses at the UK’s biggest fashion and beauty event for the second time.


We LOVE Jade!

The marathon event gave our superstar Saks Art Team, assisted by a team of stylists from Saks salons all around the UK, the chance to work their hair-magic in a whirlwind of non-stop catwalk events in the ALCATEL ONE Touch Fashion Theatre in this year’s five day fashion festival. That’s 45 minute shows – 40 models and dancers – 350 outfits – 8 scene changes. Every day. Commitment required.

For the female models elegance and glamour was key and the Saks Team created sculpted waves, varying in size and shape. And for the boys there was a distinctly old-school vibe – slicked back and neat. The dancers were more casual with the Saks Tjuz-It blow-dry that they could flick away as it holds its shape well.

Our Art Team loves nothing more than also giving stylists from Saks salons around the UK a chance to help out at a huge event. It’s perfecto for salon staff experiencing the buzz of being backstage at a non-stop catwalk event.


We loved working our hair magic at Fashion Theatre

Our Creative Director, Alison Dace, says: “There’s no bigger thrill than putting the call out to our stylists to take up the opportunity to help out at this type of event. It empowers them to push their creativity to the max and experience the thrill of being backstage in the frenetic world of fashion.

Alison also says: “This year was A-MAZING! Most of our stylists had to travel to Birmingham in the worst windy-weather for ages but they battled through the storms to take part. They also get to talk about their adventure in-salon for weeks after too. Plenty to talk about!”


Katie from our Art Team spends me-time with Mark

And it was a great chance to catch up with a big bunch of friends of Saks whilst bouncing, tonging a and styling their locks including show cover-girl Jade Thompson, the Stooshe gals, Amy Childs, Mark Wright en famille and Peter Andre to name but a few.

A great opp for Saks people to converge and get creative. It’s what we do best! And a fabulous warm-up for our SAKS 40 celebrations in 2014. Watch this space for more details coming soon!

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