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Is your skin dehydrated? We’re passionate about skincare and, in the first of a series, we’re giving pro tips on hydration to get you through the tricky winter months.

One of our top skin experts says: “Dehydration is an interesting topic and more complex than I once thought – what factors contribute to a dehydrated skin? Lack of water consumption? YES. The primary reason our skin gets dehydrated, with an estimated 89% of the population not consuming enough water. But it’s not the only reason.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin and it holds our water. Unfortunately as we age, our reserves of hyaluronic acid deplete. This plays a direct role in how much water our skin can retain.

We also know that water can escape through the epidermis via Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TWEL) when our natural moisture factor is impaired. This is where the skin’s water escapes through the epidermis as there is no barrier to retain it. My advice to give your skin a good plump in a variety of ways simultaneously…


Drink over two litres of water every day to aid digestion and flush out impurities. Easy-peasy! Also up your intake of raw fruits and veggies a these contribute to your water intake – as well as being the best things you can eat for general health. Also make sure you eat good fats – especially omega three. And although it can be tricky, why not try replacing most of your teas and coffees with non-caffeinated herbal tea – you’ll feel fabulous as well!

Why wouldn’t you?


Ideally embark on a course of hyaluronic acid treatments. I recommend Power Hyaluronic or Mesofiller facials from Barcelona-based Skyendor. At home I’d go for their Power Hyaluronic Booster cream for intensive moisturisation. And the Advance Nutrition Moisture Lock supplement yields great results too.

Skeyndor products


Saks therapists are experts. Our lot train regularly with Saks Beauty Squad and some of the best brands in in the world We have an array of different advance skincare options at Saks beauty salons all over the place. Our best brands include Decleor, Elemis, Skeyndor, Dermalux LED Light Therapy and more.


Find your nearest salon and book in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll see how your skin is doing. More pro tips from our Saks Beauty Squad soon.

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