Saks Beauty at 25 and a bit

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Mad about beauty for over 25 years now. As we didn’t get chance to celebrate last year, we’re thrilled to be shining a  spotlight on ‘Saks Beauty at 25 and a bit’ right now!


Beauty rituals are a thing for most of us and the Saks Beauts are here for your wow-factor and wellbeing. Our experts have been serving up a brilliant offering since the 90s, which we evolve to meet the must-haves of our beauty-savvy customers of today.

Saks Beauty Gosforth team

Nicola and Kitty at Saks Beauty Gosforth


Whichever Saks salon you step into – for face, body or glam – you’ll always find beauty-obsessed qualified therapists who all love providing you with an array of innovative treatments, pre-event prep and ‘time-for-you’.

Beauty is ultimately about wellbeing. About adding pep to your step. About that hour when you can lie back and float away. Being able to help if something’s bothering you and *always* adding pre-event pizzazz. A bit of beauty can even help you face a tricky day. Always here for making you feel better when you head back out. Even more so now.

Saks Beauty montage of images

An array of advanced and luxurious treatments at Saks today


Way back in 1995 to a salon soundtrack of Wonderwall and Common People, our customers were loving hair at Saks that they got to thinking they wanted more. We listened, researched, devised and innovated and Saks Beauty was born.

Saks Beauty heritage shots

Back. In. The. Day.


Back to the 90s. With beauty rooms popping up in our north-east salons we started as we meant to go on with a beauty menu that featured Elemis facials and massages from day one, plus waxing, nails and tanning. A great menu from the get-go with brilliant brand on the menu today including CosMedix, Decleor, Dermalux LED Light Therapy, Elemis, HD Brows, Jessica Nails, Mii Cosmetics, Nouveau Lashes, Skeyndor, 3D-Lipo and more.

As with Saks Hair, we always wanted to stand out from the high-street crowd and quickly put the emphasis on adding ‘Saks-specifics’ into our treatments by maximising our knowledge and consultation skills into a  beauty recipe for success.

Debbie, Michelle and Kirsty of Saks Beauty

Saks Beauty experts since 1995


We were the first to launch teeth whitening and injectables as high street services in the UK. Non-surgical face treatments and oxygenator anti-ageing facials. IPL hair removal, body contouring and non-invasive treatments added further innovation to the offering throughout the years.

Kirsty Jewson at Saks Beauty Northallerton IPL treatment

IPL hair removal


We’re the same age as Dua, Gigi and Kendall – all great role models for women of today. AND our creative director Luke Pluckrose styled Kendall for the BRITS pre-lockdown. Just. Saying.


We asked some of our resident beauty experts – all Saks beauty salon owners – to chat on what beauty means to them. Huge thanks to our fab four faces for this brilliant beauty banter…

Nicola Mark – Saks Beauty Gosforth
Kirsty Jewson – Saks Beauty Northallerton
Sue Dickinson – Saks Sedbury Hall
Michelle Shergill – Saks West Bridgford

OK let’s go… define that thing you love about beauty

Sue “The power of touch through massage – from hot stones to reflexology. For healing and re-energising.”

Michelle “Our industry is a fun and warm industry to be part of. We love to make people look and feel amazing, and I love the new trends that come through such as brow lamination which is hot right now.”

Nicola “My passion is for making people feel better than when they came into the salon, whatever treatment they have. Every beauty treatment can make a big difference.”

Kirsty “I love the innovative nature of our industry. It continuously evolves with new technologies and advancements, ensuring that I grow my knowledge and skills to be able to serve our customers better. Never a dull moment and always something new to get your teeth into…exciting, right?”

Montage of Saks Beauty face and body massage shots

Pure relaxation at Saks Beauty

A fave Saks highlight so far

Michelle “Career progression. From a 17-year-old therapist to owning my own beauty and hair salon – eeek! Also winning Saks Hair & Beauty Salon of the Year and getting into the finals for the Professional Beauty Awards 2021.”

Kirsty “Winning Saks Beauty Salon of the Year twice – such a good feeling for my team and our customers.”

Sue “Joining Saks 25 years ago and being the first beauty franchisee. And that time at a Saks salon owners conference in Galway Ireland – trying to herd sheep into a pen with our managing director Skee – I think it was called ‘team-building’!”

Name an all-time icon and say why

Nicola “Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty shone inside and out. She has huge appeal – sexy and fun and empowering for women.”

Sue “The Duchess of Cambridge for being a great ambassador and always so elegant and flawless.

Kirsty  “Dame Judi Dench – she oozes natural beauty and charisma and embraces ageing naturally which makes her a perfect role model to the younger generations of girls, in my eyes.”

A brilliant beauty treatment?

Sue: “CACI facial – I’ve been doing it for 25 years. Also the new Beauty Lab glycolic facial – for a deep cleanse and to reduce pigmentation – makes your skin glow.”

Michelle “Prescribing advanced facials, skin peels and deep drainage massage to drain away toxins.”

Nicola “LED light therapy every single time – great because it also integrates with our other facials and peels.”

Kirsty “Skinpen microneedling – it’s super-safe and we achieve outstanding results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving overall skin tone and appearance.”

An at-home beauty ritual that you love?

Michelle “That’ll be my evening skincare ritual. Total chill-out time – deep cleanse, advanced serums and a good eye cream. Finished off with a nice relaxing candle to relax my mind and body.”

Nicola “Washing my face with Purity Clean from CosMedix. A quick, simple and effective cleanser.”

Kirsty: “I love using a rose quartz roller to stimulate circulation, rejuvenate and regenerate my skin before applying my SPF. Even better if it’s fresh out the fridge around my eyes to immediately reduce morning puffiness. Rose quartz is also know as the crystal of love – love your face!”

A top tip…

Sue: “Always remove make up before bed and use a good night balm.”

Michelle: “Drink two litres of water each day without fail.”

Nicola “Gut health is key – the skin reflects your gut health. Eating superfoods such as our greens and healthy bacteria are a must. And sleep – as much as you need to.”

Kirsty “Great tips right here! Also use a broad spectrum SPF daily – even in the winter. It’s the best way to preserve skin health and prevent premature ageing.”

Celeb spa day – who do you choose? 

Michelle: “For a good gossip session and get style inspiration I’d invite Kim Kardashian and Megan Markle.”

Sue: “Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy and George Clooney – well you did ask!”

Kirsty “Lorraine Kelly, Kylie Minogue (I should be so lucky!), John Bishop and Ant and Dec for the Scouse and Geordie banter!”

So there you have it. A three minute snapshot of Saks Beauty, then and now. And we know that 2022 promises some great things. You heard it here first. Love Saks xx


You’ll find an array of treatment choices in Saks Beauty salons across the UK. Find your salon and immerse yourself in their menu here.

When you step out feeling better, our work is done. Love Saks xx

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