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We’re all about developing our award-winning biz, thank you very much! As we approach our 45th year on the block, we’re über excited to announce a brand new partnership with SalonIQ. We’re introducing their genius salon system in Saks salons all over the place, from Exeter to Aberdeen and Lytham to Whitley Bay!

What does it mean for customers?

Customers (that’s YOU!) are at the heart of everything we do at Saks. That’s why we’ve been busy bees behind the scenes for months calculating, analysing and meeting with SalonIQ to make sure we remain your number one. We want to make our expert stylists, therapists and hair and beauty services as accessible as possible. As well as booking 24/7, on as many platforms as possible you’ll get a smooth, quick experience to match your in-salon visit.

Faffing around on your web browser, or never finding the time to call to book an appointment will be a thing of the past as we introduce the very first Saks booking app.

Hint of things to come…

We’re keeping this mostly under wraps for now but we’ve got BIG plans for customers who keep on coming back to Saks beause we know there’re thousands of you! Yep, we’ll be working with SalonIQ to merge our booking app with a digital loyalty solution. This is a first not only for Saks but for any hair and beauty group in the UK! There’s going to be LOTS of treats! Stay turned for exciting announcements coming soon.

What does it mean for Saks people?

A lot of things frankly (all good!). With SalonIQ, important salon information is accessible from the cloud anywhere in the world. This is along with innovative marketing abilities such as automated customer retention strategies; help keep your customers without having to lift a finger!

We caught up with Claire Denyer, owner of Saks Hair & Beauty Kings Hill who told us “Salon IQ has restored my faith in ‘salon friendly technology’. This is because it super easy to use and its reporting system is second to none. The team LOVES the app allowing them to monitor their columns. The dashboard makes it quick and easy to get team and salon overviews in an instant. The support team are friendly, professional and quick to help. Salon IQ has become an incredible must-have accessory.” Couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves, Claire!

Saks and SalonIQ


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