Paula Joins NHS to Fight Covid-19

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All of the team at our hair salon in Knutsford are so so proud of our salon owner, Paula, as she has returned to the NHS to help the UK’s fight against the Covid-19.

After making the heart-breaking leap to temporarily close our salon, what better way to make a difference than joining the front line? A welcome transformation – salon owner to proud NHS worker.

Paula says “After closing the salon, I had another decision to make. I could sit at home, or I could go back to the NHS as a healthcare worker, to help with the devastation. Having previously worked as healthcare at the Countess of Chester Hospital, I can now put my experience to use. So that’s exactly what I did.

Paula continues “So I booked shifts for 6 days a week on care of the elderly wards at both the Countess of Chester Hospital and Ellesmere Port Hospital.”


And after a tense couple of weeks working in both hospitals, and experiencing the devastating effects of the virus first-had, Thursday 26th March suddenly came round, and the nation got together to clap for the NHS workers.

Paula says “I live in the middle of nowhere, so thought no one would do this near to me, enough to be heard. But to my surprise, at 8pm my doorbell rung, and on answering there was a bottle of champagne on my doorstep, and the neighbours were gathered round (distancing of course) and started applauding me. And – yes, I broke down”.

“By 28th March, the day I intended to be my last in the salon, I was back in the Countess, and how it had changed”, says Paula. “It had gone from being relatively calm, to full force COVID-19 policy. And someone came to see me to get me measured for my mask ready for the influx of patients”.

Whilst dealing with all of this and staying so strong, Paula continues to think about our Saks salon. She says “I’ve started a campaign on social media for my clients to embrace their roots. Plus I’ve started to update my salon’s plan for this year, and I’m still going to enter for Saks Franchisee of the Year!”


You go girl – our very own Saksy super star. You’re the absolute best.

Stay home and stay safe everyone. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Love all of us at Saks Knutsford x

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