Kirsty’s tips for even skin tone

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Yearning for smooth toned and blemish-free complexion? Unfortunately uneven tone – where skin appears lighter and darker than that around it – causes upset for too many of us. That’s why we’re on a mission to help our lovelies with hot tips for revealing brighter, even-toned complexions.

Our Beauty Expert says:“We ALL covet a flawless, even skin tone and, luckily, nurturing our skin from within by making intelligent changes to our diets and skincare routines can have a huge impact on our number one assets!”

Kirsty’s three handy hints for achieving a smooth toned and blemish-free complexion:

1 Exfoliate with the right products
2 Add a brightening serum to your routine
3 Up your intake of anti-oxidents

For more info, watch Kirsty’s video here.


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