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Baby it’s cold outside and winter weather can have an adverse effect on our hair. Soooo we asked Saks Artists Sarah, Emily and Zoe to hit us with some top advice in our first seasonal check-in of 2022. Quickly it became apparent that hair health is high on the agenda. Glad. About. That.


Our lead colourist Sarah Clarke-Lees says “You may not realise but our chat at the start of your appointment is one of the most important parts of the process, regardless of what you want.

“A good catchup, finding out where you’re at and what you want are all a given. We also go ‘behind the scenes’. Just like your face and body, your hair and scalp can become drier in colder months and we assess, propose nourishment and share health tips as well. All with great coffee obvs.”



Sarah continues “Yo-yo temperatures take a toll so wear a hat when you’re out as the elements can dry out the hair and make it more prone to breakage. And avoid heat caused by over-styling or long, hot showers.”

Emily Tighe of Saks Kenilworth says “The Kerastase Fusio Scrub is a deep cleansing treatment for the hair and the scalp. Removes impurities that build up and combats dryness, flakiness and dandruff with a jojoba and orange peel combo – sweet!”


Emily continues “Keep up with regular cuts to remove split ends and in turn revive bounce and make styling easier. Lots of customers diarise maintenance cuts at this time of year – a smidgen off every six weeks will keep it right, even if you’re growing your hair.”


Sarah says: “We can enhance your colour with our two-step colour from L’Oreal Professionnel. French Glossing refreshes tones beautifully and takes shine to another level of intensity. First up we apply it to the root area with a tailored colour then take through to the ends for maximum gloss. Achieves a whole new level of  glass shine.”


Those who rock the all-time classic bob haircut are also usually known for maximising high shine with this all-time classic and super-versatile style. Take Grace Surguy for example. Our Saks Newark customer stays true to the style she adores and loves letting salon owner Zoe change-up her look every time she’s in.

Grace Surguy styled by Zoe at Saks Newark

Saks Newark customer Grace. Total bob-lover.

Zoe says “Grace is also a big advocate of healthy hair. For ultimate gloss I highly recommend the Kerastase Chroma range which is formulated to protect your colour whilst also nourishing your hair. Combine the shampoo, conditioner and a weekly treatment to keep your colour radiant.”

Frankie always on point

Emily says “Love Grace’s vibe. And I’d say Frankie Bridge is also a great example of how clever this cut can be. Frankie’s channeling that effortless ‘done but undone’ trend which is huge for 2022. It’s usually seen on longer tousled looks. Well, the bob is all over it as well!”

Hair that’s good for you. We’re here for that. Love Saks xx


PS… we’ve made it easy to get booked in, any way you want. Visit saks.co.uk, download the Love Saks app, pop in or dial Saks – it’s always good to chat.

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