The perfect polish at Saks

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What’s the secret to nailing a totally finished look? Nail care and the perfect polish of course! Kirsty Jewson, Beauty Expert at Saks, talks nail care: “Grooming your nails is SO important as healthy nails represent healthy people! To counteract brittleness, up your intake of essential fatty acids found in oily fish, avocado and flax seed.

And when quizzed for another hot nail tip, Kirsty says: “Watch out for ridges appearing too as that’s a sure sign of vitamin D and iron deficiencies. Check your intake of meat and have plenty of wholegrains to stimulate strong growth.”

Watch Kirsty’s video for how to achieve the perfect polish at home.

And even better, why not treat yourself to the Gel Polish at your local Saks, lasting up to not one, not two but THREE weeks in the latest coveted shade from Jessica.

In the hands of an expert Saks therapist nails nirvana is guaranteed, girls!

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