Make your Best of Times with Saks

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The times they are a changin’ and we’re glad about that. These days we’re not so fussed about accumulating stuff. Former material girls choose happy happenings instead… and precious memories are all.

A salon visit can be a powerful thing

Know Saks know this. We’ve been here since 1974 for your hair, beauty and wellbeing. Today our stylists and therapists LOVE getting you set for your best of times.

Woman sat on the floor

Summer Lovin’

Think date night. Think desk ‘til dawn. Think summer lovin’ and for when glam is ON. Or to relax and reset when you’re just chillin’. Maybe you have to face the day. Maybe we can help here too.

Woman with auburn hair

Desk ‘Til Dawn

Saks Hair

Luke Pluckrose, creative director and head of Saks Art Team, says: “Think about it. You change your life, you change your hair – it’s written. There’s colour and there’s expertly applied colour that’s so right They Want What You’ve Got. When gym-life or humidity plays havoc, we tame the frizz. Updo for a big do – that too! And a bouncy blowdry adds stamina for a long weekend. Having great hair makes a very big difference for most of us. Fact.

Woman with long dark hair

Just Chillin’

Saks Beauty

Kirsty Jewson of Saks Beauty Squad says: “Unapologetic beauty junkie or once in a blue moon file and polish type of gal? We also wrote the book on salon beauty. We nurture faces from teenage traumas to menopause madness and beyond, and are dab hands with massages to bliss you out or pep your step. A sun-kissed spritz adds sparkle to red-carpet affairs. Speaking of sparkle – we obsess over glam: perfect brows, lashes and makeup.  And glossy gels perk hands and feet no matter what’s going down.”

Kirsty continues: “Being happy is everything. BUT some things do bother us, no matter what. That’s why we’ve got specialist treatments on our beauty menu too. Excessive hair? IPL takes care of that. 3D-lipo eliminates fat and cellulite.  Helping hands and state-of-the-art systems to help you along the way.

Woman with blonde curly hair

Date Night


Not just about hair and beauty. We’ve also pledged to raise £250,000 to aid The Eve Appeal’s essential research into all-five gynaecological cancers. At this time our brilliant people and customers have raised £140,000 towards this target. Imagine getting your name on that?

We’ve been making women look and feel sassy for 45 years in hair and beauty salons all over the place. Today, we’re all about your wow-factor and well-being. Step in for a warm welcome, good chat and gorgeous hair and beauty that’ll help make a difference to your day.

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