Legends at our Yarm salon

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In the Saks Awards 2021 GUESS which salon was named as Legends for the absolute best return to salon life after lockdown? That’ll be US. We worked our magic to get all of our customers booked in as soon as possible whilst still maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene. And it was one helluva time… it’s been like the buzz of December ever since.

We grabbed an opp to catchup with our salon owner Jane with a quick Q&A on all-things Saks Yarm…

So, when did you start at Saks, Jane?
When I was 16. It was in the Darlington salon – the hometown of Saks. I’d always loved the idea of hairdressing. I’m extremely proud of my salons achievements and it’s down to a longstanding, amazing team who are my inspiration daily. They are are like family, truly amazing at what they do day in and out.

Sum up your salon’s ethos?
Hair and people are our thing. That’s it.

Half an hour of me-time, whaddyado?
Take Brian for a quick walk preferably with half of lager included somewhere along the way. For me, not Bri that is.

Fave TV?
Crime dramas – Silent Witness, Vigil. Just watching Mother, Father, Son which was brilliant. I also watch loads of stuff like Vikings etc with my boys.

Night in or night out?
OUT definitely. Love socialising and meeting a big gang of friends for food.

Tell us what you love about being in salon?
My best day would always include haircuts and catchups – I still buzz at being on the scissors. One thing lockdown showed me was how much I love what I do.

Best moment at Saks, if you can choose just one
Has to be the first time we won Hair Salon of the Year; it gave us the drive to go on to do even more to win again. Hard graft pays off.

Why hair?
Been at it for over 30 years – I love it as much now as I did on day one.

And about Boss Girl Jane

We asked Debbie from team-Yarm to sum up what it’s like to work behind the scenes with Jane. Debbie says “Soooo where do I start – Jane’s just like one of the team. She cuts hair she sweeps up. We all know that she wouldn’t ask or expect us to do anything that she wouldn’t do – apart from operate the computer that is haha. I’ve worked with Jane for as long as I can remember she’s not only my boss, she’s one of my friends. She’s kind and crazy and we wouldn’t change her for the world. We need an award for the Best Boss  – she’s definitely win.”


Find Jane, Debbie and our multi-award winning Yarm hairdressing salon team at 20 High Street. Call 01642 785 040 to book and follow our feed to get our vibe.

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