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The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final 2023 was next level. Stylist Rohan at our Saks Leeds City hair & beauty salon made it through as a grand finalist for the Afro Award. And his look – just WOW!

Sadly, our other fantastic finalist, senior stylist Victoria, couldn’t make it to the live grand finale, but she’s still here to talk through her stunning look. Plus we find out what they made of the headline show ‘Limitless’, by Saks’ creative director Luke Pluckrose and the Saks Artists.

We caught up with Rohan and Victoria for an insight into being a L’Oréal Colour Trophy finalist, and here’s what they have to say…

So, you’re a L’Oréal Colour Trophy finalist, congratulations! How do you feel about that?

Rohan: I think for me personally it was a ‘pinch me’ moment – a sense of accomplishment and being recognised for something you truly enjoy.

Victoria: It feels amazing to be part of such a big competition and to make it to the final. It’s always great to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

We loved your colours guy.

Rohan: Thanks! I really just wanted to go with colours that complemented my model’s skin tone. I think the warm colours do that so well.

Victoria: I always love creating the perfect blonde in the salon, so I thought why not for the Colour Trophy? I created quite a golden blonde, and I loved the result.

Talk us through your looks and inspiration?

Rohan: I wanted to create something that showed you can still experiment with colour whatever your hair type – until you try something new, you’d never know.

Victoria: I love the sleek look, so that was definitely something I was going for. Creating volume with a side part and bouncy curl.

And what did you think about Luke’s ‘Limitless’ show?

Rohan: Wow – I was blown away by the show. The wigs segment really excited me as there are so many variations of wigs nowadays, it’s amazing how they can look so natural but also, I think you can really play around and have loads of looks.

The colour segment – I was in awe and left so inspired. I instantly wanted to get back to the salon and try new placements. I think the show was  so well put together, I left feeling confident and ready to try new things.

Victoria: Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the show live, but I did watch it online, and it was amazing. It was so inspiring to see Saks backstage this year.


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