A family affair at Saks Lincoln

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We were thrilled when our Saks Hair & Beauty Lincoln customer Anne English got in touch with Saks HQ on Facebook to tell us her Saks story. Anne said: “I took my 87 year old mum to Saks Lincoln recently… which means that Zoe Chamberlain is now hairdresser to EIGHT members of my family, over FOUR generations, from 4 to 87! Surely this is some kind of Saks record?” Indeed it is.

We loved this story so much we decided to treat Anne and the whole family to an afternoon with Zoe and the rest of the team – as they’ve all tended the tresses of this fab family over the past 10 years. It’s the least we could do!


Anne English is our longstanding customer of fifteen years
Anne is mum to Amy and Laura
Amy’s kids are Rose (9) and Henry (7) with both coming to Saks since their very first trims!
Laura’s kids are Jasmin (7) and Ted (4)
And Norma Camamile is Anne’s mum!

Saks Lincoln family customers

Anne and a big happy family. With great hair.

Anne’s been coming to Saks for over 15 years and the whole fam lives locally. Team Lincoln was delighted to welcome everyone in with prosecco for Anne, Amy, Laura and Norma and sweets for the kids. Assisted by Lucy Coles (who’s all set to qualify in NVQ 3 in September), Zoe had a whirlwind afternoon blow drying, plaiting and being a big kid kid herself, having a giggle with Rose, Henry, Jasmine and Ted.

Saks Lincoln fundraising for The Eve Appeal

Our Lincoln lovelies at a #Saks4Eve event

BY THE WAY… our Saks Lincoln team has raised £1,288 for women’s cancers in our two year charity partnership with The Eve Appeal. Saks4Eve has raised over £60,000 so far… with Saks Lincoln putting us well on the way to smashing our target!


In the three whirlwind years since Zoe started with Saks, salon owner Rachel has encouraged her to get out of town and push her boundaries creatively and that’s exactly what Zoe’s done.

As a member of the SAKS A-TEAM 2015 Zoe spent precious time being mentored by our Creative Director Luke Pluckrose and the rest of Saks Art Team. Zoe loved it much she’s bagged a place on 2016 programme. Taking part in backstage styling events such as The Clothes Show, the BRITS (twice) and styling dancers at The Chelsea Flower Show 2016 are all amazing experiences that Zoe takes back to the salon to talk about for months to come.

AND Zoe made it through to the Grand Final of the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy in 2015, creating this stunning look with fellow Lincoln senior stylist Sophie Vaughan. EXCITING NEWS… Sophie’s also a member of SAKS A-TEAM 2016 and is loving the world of avant-garde hair – more of Sophie’s creative journey soon.

Saks Lincoln team at L'Oreal Colour Trophy Grand Final 2015

Zoe and Sophie at prestigious #LCT15 Grand Finale. Just saying.

Zoe says: “What a great idea to get everyone in together! It’s a pleasure to look after such a loving and caring family. Doing this sort of thing is what sets Saks apart. It’s our ethos to make women look and feel special and today we did exactly that.

“I’ve been with Saks for nearly three years now and I couldn’t work anywhere else. I can’t thank Rachel enough for encouraging me from day one to get involved with the creative stuff. It all makes me SO proud to be a part of the Saks brand. I started with not the greatest of confidence and Rachel has supported me to be at the expert level I feel I am now. Big smiles all round!”

Two kids at Saks Lincoln

Sweets and swivel chairs? Life is good for Henry and Ted

Rachel says: “I love bringing people like Zoe into my team – passionate about hairdressing, excited about what Saks has to offer and throws herself into it. This has most recently happened with super-creative Melissa who I’m really enjoying seeing develop too. It’s is a massive compliment that Anne contacted Saks HQ. We have lots of customers who’ve come to our salon for a very long time and have introduced friends and family to us and for this I’m very grateful!”



MOST of team Saks Lincoln at our big Saks bash last November:

L-R: Jo Glassby, Melissa Graham, Sophie Vaughn, salon owner Rachel, Chelsea Lee, Sophie Tomlinson, Zoe Chamberlain, Chloe Rushby and Helen Shutler

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