Hello Saks A-Team 2015

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Every year our Saks Art Team runs a year-long initiative, nurturing the talent and creativity of our amazing stylists … with an out of this world opportunity for a selected few.

After completing a super-hard selection process the chosen few that are now SAKS A-TEAM 2015 get to head out of town regularly to meet with our Saks Art Team and learn new skills such as mood-boarding, research and development and putting together collections and they’ll also immerse themselves in photographic work and session hairdressing to heighten creativity. P H E W !


Jessica Hesp – Saks Barnard Castle
Amy Horne – Saks Cheshire Oaks
Martina Korsa – Saks Cheshire Oaks
Kim Cox – Saks Exeter
Chrissie Spence – Saks Exeter
Sarah Clarke Lees – Saks Poulton
Hannah Evelyn Chandler – Saks Reading
Sami Goldsborough – Saks Redcar
Nikki Bakisgan – Saks Scarborough
Hannah Jones – Saks West Bridgford

It’s an amazing opportunity for Saks stylists to take off their salon heads and explore the avant-garde under the expert tuition of Saks Creative Director, Alison Dace, and longstanding team members, Luke Pluckrose and Tom Berry.

Luke says: “This year’s theme, History of Hair, explores hair throughout the ages from ancient times to coveted iconic looks of the modern day. The final collection from A-TEAM 2014, Love and War, surpassed expectations and created a great buzz socially. There’s nothing better than a spot of healthy competition in our network and SAKS A-TEAM 2015 are aiming to be even better!”

Alison continues: “SAKS A-TEAM is all about pushing boundaries and cultivating new skills! The initiative is open to all Saks stylists but rigorous auditioning means only a few are granted a place every year. We’re providing valuable training to those wanting to explore creativity; progressing stylists from following hair trends to creating them.”

As well as being mentored by the brand’s elite; SAKS A-TEAM 2015 also experience styling backstage at events… Sarah Clarke Lees having rocked London Fashion Week already!

The Saks Art Team adds the wow factor at Saks… flying the flag across the globe, teaching hair philosophies and techniques, and is regularly called to add hair glamour for shoots, TV shows and catwalk events.  And when these guys are in London town they’re taking selected customer appointments at their place on Long Lane, Smithfield.

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