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If you revel in your unusual and individual sense of style, Style Setter at Saks is our gorgeous hair look from our IRRESISTIBLE YOU hair collection is just for you.

Long for a must-have fringe like Kate or Alexa? Who wouldn’t! Saks stylists are here to inspire you with their creativity and expertise… for a new hair look to take you to dizzy new heights.

Kate and Alexa... Style Setter icons

Kate and Alexa shaking it up with bang-bang fringes… Style Setter icons

Our Hair Expert Luke Pluckrose says: “Style Setter is all about the fringe. Combining lots of length with layers creates a flatteringly full shape at the crown and the textured fringe splits without a parting. Balayage highlights really suit the texture of this long, bohemian look.”

1… Wash hair, towel dry and spritz with L’Oréal Tecni Art Pli then dry using fingers to create a matte, texturised look.
2… To create a very loose wave, twist sections of hair and then wrap round the barrel of the super-versatile Saksessories Auto Curl… wait up to 6 seconds and carefully release the hair.
3… Apply L’Oréal Wild Stylers Next Day hair to create a matte look and gently loosen waves by hand.
4… Give hair a final once-over with L’Oréal Tecni Art Constructor. Good to go.
Pop to Saks and ask one of our expert stylists to create your own take on this must-have fringe.

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The lowdown on the super-styling hair products we used to create this look…

L’Oréal Tecni Art Constructor
Shapes hair and provides texture and hold with a natural finish so you don’t feel the presence of the product.

L’Oréal Wild Stylers Next Day Hair
It’s ALL in the name… this light hold, instant texture, matte effect powder spray for a totally dishevelled look.

L'Oreal products for next day hair at Saks

For Style Setter hair… three is the magic number

Products and expert hair advice are available at Saks salons nationwide.

Image credits:
Kate: London Entertainment / Alamy
Alexa: ZUMA Press Inc, Alamy

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