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Women choose hair and beauty by Saks because we don’t follow the crowd. Our stylists and therapists live and breathe fashion and with over 40 years in the biz we know exactly what’s best to bring out IRRESISTIBLE YOU hair and beauty.

Our customers are women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. And our teams are all expertly trained by the Saks Art Team and Saks Beauty Experts to deliver special hair and beauty so you step out of Saks as IRRESISTIBLE YOU.

For the concept of the campaign, Ceri Silk, Saks Beauty Boss, says: “For this collection we looked to research we’d undertaken to help us understand our customers and we found in general customers fell into one of four exciting types: Style Setter, Glam Girl, Sophisticate or Individualist. So we’ve created gorgeous hair looks and a beauty menu for each type.”

For the looks of the campaign Luke Pluckrose, Creative Director, says: “We love the ongoing trend for pastels and wanted to create a fresh feel to represent hair and beauty at Saks… something to add colour whatever the weather; from a winter’s night in salon to a sunny summer’s day. We want our customers to look to IRRESISTIBLE YOU and covet the feel-good factor.”


STYLE SETTER. You revel in your unusual and individual sense of style and where you lead, others follow.


HAIR: Long for a must-have fringe?  Saks stylists inspire you with their creativity and expertise… for a look to take you to dizzy new heights.

BEAUTY: Style Setters are obsessed with looking after their number one asset, and Saks has an array of corrective facials and peels to repair and rejuvenate.

GLAM GIRL. Polished to perfection, passionate and sassy… you’re the special occasion dresser. Saks people know how to make you feel brilliant and alluring with hair and beauty to make you shimmer.

Glam-Girl-hair -and-beauty

HAIR: Coveting wow-factor volume and waves? Saks stylists listen, chat and advise and know exactly how to make you look and feel alluring.

BEAUTY: Glam Girls love being body confident, and Saks has it covered with body contouring, professional tanning and an array of massages to relax or invigorate.

SOPHISTICATE. With the secrets of timeless personal style, no slave to fashion, you’re different and distinctively you.

Woman in yellow sun dress with gorgeous bob

HAIR: Yearn for sleek and shiny locks? Saks stylists are obsessed with styling and ‘tzujing’ …until the look’s exclusively yours.

BEAUTY: Love the thought of silky-smooth skin? Saks therapists are experts at hair removal with state-of-the-art intense pulsed light treatment or fast, effective waxing.

INDIVIDUALIST. Always with a strong sense of style, you’re effortlessly sophisticated, unique… exceptional.

Woman with pixie hair wearing green silk jumpsuit

HAIR:  Craving a chic pixie crop? Saks people are experts every time; oh-so in the know and offering THE BEST service. If you’ll wear it well, your Saks stylist will tell you so.

BEAUTY:  Individualists know the power of must-have beauty essentials and step out with wow brows, luscious lashes and exquisite nails every time.

Find your Saks salon and book in with our experts as we’d love to welcome you in and show you what makes hair and beauty by Saks special.

Four beauty models at Saks

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